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Mero Surakshya Partners With Premier Insurance; Get Mobile & Life Insurance

Mero Surakshya, the company that insures your phones from damage, has signed an MOU with Premier insurance. Mr. Prem Sunuwar, CEO of Mero Surakshya, and Mr. Sudyumna Prasad Upadhyaya, CEO of Premier Insurance signed the MOU on 18th September. This agreement means better protection for your mobile phones and yourself (we’ll tell you more about it later in the article). Getting the backing of an insurance company also increases customers’ trust in Mero Surakshya.

With this new partnership, you can now ensure your mobile phones through Premiere insurance under the Mero Surakshya Scheme. Also, according to Mr. Sudyumna Prasad Upadhyaya, CEO of Premiere Insurance Pvt. Ltd.,  Mero Surakshya will be bringing a new plan called extended warranty and protection plan. Under this plan, customers whose phone is registered in the plan will get accidental damage protection up to 1 lakh. What this means is if the owner of the phone registered in Mero Surakshya plan dies in an accident, the person who has the certificate of insurance given by Premiere Insurance Pvt. Ltd. will be able to claim money up to 1 lakh.

Mero Surakshya is a comprehensive plan that helps you ease the pain of a lost or a damaged phone. The best part is that it is pretty affordable. Mero Surakshya says that the plan will cost you only 5% of your phone’s price. But we found the numbers to be somewhere around 7-8 % which is in itself pretty affordable. We have outlined their offer in detail in our previous post. You can check it out here.

Basically, Mero Surakshya offers you protection against six things: Fire damage, Liquid damage, Accidental damage, Loss/Theft, Data Loss, and Screen Damage. You pay near 7-8% of your device once and get the protection for a year. The deal is pretty sweet in our opinion if you are someone who carries expensive phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9, or the iPhone X. We hadn’t seen this kind of specific plan for smartphones in Nepal before. But this is a very important and useful protection that, we think, will grab the attention of most Nepali consumers.

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