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‘Mero Sajha’ App: Track Sajha Bus Available in Your Route

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Photo Montage: TechLekh | Sajha Bus Graphics: https://dribbble.com/shots/2557423-Sajha-Bus

Sajha Yatayat is a cooperative public transportation organization which was established in 1961/1962 with the aim to provide an efficient mode of public transport. But due to some institutional disturbances, its services stopped in 2002. In 2011, the Board of Sajha Yatayat along with Nepal Government’s Ministry of Labour and Transport made a strategy to revive its services. After a decade of closing its services, Sajha Yatayat finally revived from the year 2016.

Sajha Yatayat has been continuously adding new features and rendering better transport. The new addition comes in the form of CCTV, TV, new route or new buses. A new addition to its service has been made very recently. In the early September, the cooperation introduced its mobile application- ‘Mero Sajha‘.

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Mero Sajha is an online mobile application which uses GPS service to track the Sajha buses in real time. This app provides a way to track a Sajha bus available in your route. When you click on the View Sajha Location button in the homepage you are directed to a real-time map which marks the location of Sajha buses. The app also has a feature to set Geofence. The user is alerted when the bus is near the vicinity of the set Geofence.


Mero Sajha is a very efficient app to avoid the long wait for a bus. It has a basic and simple UI and with the initial instruction, the user can easily handle the app. However, the application still needs to work on a number of things. The app is bound to the internet, which sometimes renders it useless. There is also the lack of the feature to tell the bus apart according to the routes. All the buses in the map look the same and are hard to figure out which one is going where. A search feature should also be available to search the routes and buses.

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