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Mentee: This New Nepali EdTech Platform Introduces “Learning Glass Technology” for Lessons Delivery

Since the Covid 19 outbreak, online learning has gained significant space in people’s lives in Nepal. With that many online platforms providing access to educational and self-learning resources have been emerging. 

Mentee team during the beta launch event

Yesterday, Mentee Methods Pvt. Ltd. launched an online learning platform in Nepal named ‘Mentee’ with a similar mission. The platform launched in a Beta version is available on Google Play Store and also can be reached through their website gomentee.com

“The primary services of Mentee include Curriculum-based subjects of schools, colleges and universities, professional courses designed for skill development and test preparation courses for abroad education,” says Sudil Neupane, founding CEO of Mentee.

Sudil Neupane, founding CEO of Mentee
Mr. Sudil Neupane, founding CEO of Mentee

Apart from that, the platform will also feature podcasts on various contemporary issues, motivational topics like self-discipline, time management, career development, and lectures from industry experts and other materials for overall development. There will be content for people of any age be it a small kid or an adult learner. 

Mentee Web Platform Homepage
Mentee web platform homepage

“Mentee will be a single platform where a child can speak his first ABCD until s/he learns to manage his pension income, and beyond,” writes the press release by the company.

Content and features

The core contents are presented through animated videos, related graphics, infographics, and others. This creates a comprehensive learning space, which is an utter contrast to traditional learning through books and text, mentions the press release issued by the company. 

We also offer live classes and pre-recorded video on a single platform, writes the release. 

Mentee implements learning glass technology for lessons delivery
Mentee implements learning glass technology for lessons delivery

“As of now, the content is free. We have few podcasts, few lessons for IELTS, and videos of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for Grade 11,” says Neupane. 

“Our USP lies in the variation of contents and the learning methods.

We are the first in Nepal to implement learning glass technology for lessons delivery. This ensures the continuous connection between the students and the instructor, thus enhancing the comprehension and understanding of students,” says Neupane.

Learning glass is a technology tool that records lectures and allows teachers to write notes and annotate their slides while maintaining face-to-face contact with students. 

“We will use this technology in all our pre-recorded classes,” he shares. 

Platform for mentors 

Not just for learners, but this space is equally fruitful for the ones who are willing and capable to become instructors. 

“We do simple screening and viability tests after which the teachers or instructors can associate with Mentee by creating content, delivering lessons, or even by developing their own paid courses,” says Neupane.

Team and Revenue model

Neupane who came to Nepal after completing his study from Australia in 2018 shares that he along with his team started this platform to make global education accessible. 

Neupane, who is one of the founders has requested not to disclose the names of his co-founders. “All the founders come from a background technology and education,” says Neupane. 

The company has a team of 25 full-time and contract-based employees consisting of teachers, content creators, production team, and media and marketing team. The platform is designed and developed by SunBi with a major focus on making the platform user-friendly and interactive.

“We are committed to providing the best user experience to our users. Not only this, but we are also working to bring more adaptive learning features in the near future by using AI/Machine Learning technologies.”, says Mr. Bijay Barakoti, Director of SunBi.

The team is soon planning to work on a subscription-based model with the release of the final updated version by April first week.

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“We researched about the Nepali e-learning market for a year,” he shares. 

In Nepal, virtual learning was quite a distant concept for most students, but thanks to Covid 19, it opened a path for many of us to the world of online learning. 

Mentee web platform dashboard
Mentee web platform students dashboard

“It was with the advent of coronavirus, the student began to adapt with online learning. Though the virtual class was quite an interesting concept in the beginning, it turned out to be monotonous later.

So, we thought of working on a platform which will be entertaining, interactive as well as knowledgable for the students,” he says.

According to him, an e-learning platform like Mentee is much needed for Nepal. But it will take time to understand the significance of online learning platforms, he shares. 


The ultimate vision is to provide quality education and skill set to every Nepalis and thus unlock their unrealized potential,” the founder shares. 

The platform will focus on live classes for college, test preparation, and other courses in the near future. 

“Currently, we are working on the improvement of live classes. We will come up with this feature in the next one month,” he says. 

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