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Melamchi to Take 3 More Years to Complete Pipeline Works

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Officials at Melamchi Water Supply Project say that it still needs around three years to complete all pipeline works in the Kathmandu Valley.

In between the lines:

This means that Kathmandu will have rising dust levels for over three years.


  • Around 90 kilometers of pipelines are yet to be installed in the current plan.
  • Moreover, the project is also conducting a preliminary study to set up pipelines in another span of 500 kilometres whereas tenders from contractors are yet to be called for the work in another 900 kilometres.

Good news:

Keeping in mind the impact on the city’s air levels, Lila Prasad Dhakal, spokesperson of the Project Implementation Directorate, says a micro-tunnelling technology will be used at major crossroads and other major sections so as to control spread of dust.

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