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Government of Nepal brings “Media Directory” Android App

im1Government of Nepal has launched an Android app that encloses information about the Nepali media. This app contains information associated with several organizations of Newspaper, Television, Radio, Online Media and Nepali Newspapers.

Mr. Sher Dhan Rai, Information and Communication Minister, released the beta version of “Media Directory” on Jan 4, 2016. According to Mr. Laxmi Bilash Koirala, Director of Department of Information, “There are three thousand five hundred and eight information related to media organization in the app. Based on the public feedback different changes shall be made within the app.”

About the app

Content Page:  You can find all the information related to media in detail, details include organization name, contact number and people information associated with the organization. On this page, one can also obtain the emergency numbers such as the numbers of police, firefighters, ambulance and hospitals.

Feedback: You will be able to give feedback about this application to the concerned parties. After you click on the feedback button, a page will be displayed asking your Name, Contact Number, Address and Response.

Govt. Spokes Person:  Here, you can get the information about the (Parwakta) vital individuals working under Government of Nepal of all the ministries.

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Contact Us: You can find the detail information to contact Ministry of Information and Communication such as their address, contact number, email and website.

In the middle section, you can find the options to make various choices. The choices can be made on select zone, select category and search. From this, you will be able to search, the number and name of the media related organization that has been registered in that zone.

This app will be really helpful for those who are studying journalism and those who want to know about the media of Nepal. It is very easy and simple so, everyone can easily use it. To download the app click here.

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