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“Majipa: Lakhay” Nepali Animated Movie Teaser Released

majipa lakheyYantrakala Studios has announced their next project, an animated movie on the “Majipa: Lakhay”. This announcement was recently made with a two-and-half-minute teaser launched at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, Kathmandu.

The movie is to be based on a play of the same name, “Majipa: Lakhay’, by Satya Mohan Joshi. It will depict the glory of Lakhay with Jung Bahadur Rana’s trip to England as its backdrop.

The Majipa is a devil-like creature called lakhey in Nepalese folklore. He is also known as the peaceful Bhairava (शान्त भैरव). The dance of this lakhey takes place only during the week of the full moon of the month of Yenlaa of the Nepal Sambat calendar. The stark red mask and positively terrifying demeanor have made the Lakhay one of the most photographed and published cultural images of the Valley.

Yantrakala Studios gained popularity with Nepal’s first animated feature film called The Legend of Shankhadar. The Legend of Shankhadhar tells the story about a Nepalese hero Sankhadhar Saakhwa, and how he had started the Nepal Sambat.

Watch the Majipa: Lakhay teaser: 

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