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LG’s InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator Launched in Nepal at Rs. 3.21 Lakhs

LG is a company that has dabbled in every consumer electronic product imaginable. They are pretty popular in the home appliance business. Everybody wants to buy LG TV, or LG washing machine, or LG Refrigerator. So, it’s a big deal that LG unveiled its signature product LG InstaView Door-In-Door refrigerator before the festival season in Nepal.

The capacity of the fridge is 660 liters. It costs about Rs. 3,21,000, so it definitely isn’t cheap. As part of its festival offer, LG is also giving away free LG vacuum cleaner with every purchase of the LG InstaView refrigerator. This refrigerator is available in only one color and that is grey.

As the name suggests, LG’s Instaview refrigerator makes it possible to look at the products inside your fridge without having to open the refrigerator’s door. How do we do that? Just knock on the upper black glass and it will suddenly turn transparent to let you see what’s inside. Not only is this feature super cool, but it also makes people open the fridge doors less often decreasing the loss of cold air, and ultimately, the power consumption. This technology is both aesthetically pleasing and useful to customers at the same time.

You can also control the refrigerator using LG’s SmartThinQ app. You can control the functions of your refrigerator through your smartphone. You can control temperature, switch on express freeze as well as hygiene fresh functionality with a single tap through the app. The InstaView refrigerator is also capable of self-diagnosing problems and will notify the customer along with suggested steps to resolve the issues.

LG InstaView refrigerator has another feature called the ‘Hygience Fresh Plus.” which, according to the company, utilizes five-step anti-bacterial deodorization to remove 99.9 percent bacteria and also keeps the refrigerator free from bad odor while keeping the contents fresher for a longer duration of time.

The LG InstaView door-in-door refrigerator is a feature packed, a technology-rich machine that makes the tech-savvy in us drool over its majestic beauty. It’s knocking feature feels like magic to those who first see it and it definitely makes many people want to have it. But, sadly, not everyone can afford to spend Rs. 321000 on a refrigerator. For those who do, LG InsaView is a refrigerator that puts most another fridge in the market to shame.

Contact LG Nepal@Facebook for any purchase enquires.

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