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LeoSquad: This Nepali Platform is Creating Effective Remote Work Solutions for Startups

It has been more than a year since the viral outbreak has disrupted our work life. The transition to remote working was quite spontaneous, so both companies and employees took time to figure out its effectiveness.


Flexible lifestyle is a benefit for employees. And the benefits for employers include saving costs for renting and accessing talents around the country and even internationally. However, remote working has its limitations and downsides.

The limitations include difficulty in supervision and tracking, which may result in a drop in productivity. There may be problems in cross-team collaboration and communication. Businesses have been trying various collaboration tools to make the workspace productive. And more tools are being developed to solve the challenges of work from home.

Analogue Inc, a software company based in Nepal, has designed a similar solution for productive remote working with its newly launched product LeoSquad. LeoSquad is a web-based virtual workplace platform.

Ashutosh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO, Analogue Inc
Ashutosh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO, Analogue Inc

Ashutosh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO, Analogue Inc shares that the company’s vision is to maintain productivity in a remote work environment; meanwhile, facilitate the startups with an efficient solution in terms of overall company operations.

The company envisions offering an affordable solution to startups to scale their operation without having to spend high on office rent.

“LeoSquad will set up an entire office where one can assign projects, track tasks, interact with employees and clients, work on digital contracts, manage payment, generate invoice and payroll,” says Agarwal.

The word LeoSquad means ‘a team of like-minded people governed by a leader’, derived from Leo meaning Lion-king of the jungle and Squad meaning group.

Similarly, their mission is also to reach the bigger companies and provide them with tech solutions to manage remote working.


The parent company of LeoSquad, Analogue Inc has been working in the area of branding and marketing, IT solutions, eCommerce, Surveillance and printing. Established in January 2020, the company’s mission is to become an IT partner to companies by providing the right expertise and solve every IT infrastructure-related issue.

With the coronavirus outbreak, companies went on to adopt work-from-home policies.

Few months were confusing for everyone. And, after some time, we started feeling the challenges. “We faced two kinds of issues, one is document mismanagement and the other was productivity issues,” says Agarwal.

When contemplating various challenges of remote work, we started to focus on resolving the issue, he shares. There are many options including Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Zoom, Slack and many more for remote working. However, the limitation is that they don’t provide all the features. So, we designed LeoSquad to include all important features of all these platforms to make remote work effective.

LeoSquad Team
LeoSquad Team

Currently, LeoSquad team has 20 members in the departments including Business Development, Technical, UI/UX, Finance, Digital Marketing and HR.


LeoSquad allows the team to work on multiple dashboards to centralize resources separately for each department. There are a total of five dashboards including Project Dashboard, Client Dashboard, HR Dashboard, Ticket Dashboard and Finance Dashboard.

LeoSquad Dashboard
LeoSquad Dashboard

Under the project dashboard, one can assign projects to different team members. Likewise, in the HR Dashboard, the HR team will assign the roles to each department member, handle the task management, attendance, and publish notice and onboard new members on the company.

Similarly, one can also inform the LeoSquad through the Ticket dashboard if they face issues in the software. Through the Finance Dashboard, one can generate an invoice and manage financial transactions with the client.

Some of the interesting features include the Subdomain module, Payroll, Event& Calendar, Bill Payments, Inbuilt Video Conferencing, Goal Tracking, Smart Notification and E-contract.

LeoSquad works on subdomain modules through which companies can organize web content, allot domain space and display online stores.

LeoSquad HR Module
LeoSquad HR Module

The team can generate leads, approach new clients, and also interact with existing clients, work through digital contracts and generate reports through the e-contract feature.

Features like timer and smart notifications help in maintaining productivity. One will be notified about the task of the day and they will also be allocated a time for the project. When they are not working, they can pause the time and restart later. The timer feature keeps them away from distraction and makes the task more organized.

The team can also interact with each other through unlimited video meetings in different rooms and chats. Similarly, the Goal tracking feature reminds us about the organizational goal.

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Likewise, bill payment helps the company to automate the monthly finances. The company can also generate an electronic invoice with this feature.

LeoSquad also has a white label feature for those organizations willing to use Leosquad with their own name and branding.


A venture with only two members in the workplace can use the software free. As of now, there are four paid packages: Basic plan, Advanced plan, Premium plan and an Enterprise plan. The clients have to subscribe monthly for the service.

LeoSquad Pricing
LeoSquad Pricing

The basic plan costs Rs 10,000/mo. It caters to up to 10 employees. The advanced plan is for the workplace up to 25 employees and is priced at Rs 15,000/mo. The premium plan is suitable for offices with 25 to 40 members. This plan costs Rs 20,000/mo. LeoSquad has customized plans or workplaces with more than 40 team members.

LeoSquad has offered a 20 percent discount to the first 100 companies to sign up for the service.

According to Agarwal, the price of similar other platforms costs up to 60,000 per month. However, our price is much lower than that. “We have discounted annual plans as well,” he says.


LeoSquad team is working to tie up with various colleges with incubation centers.

“We will work with the startup started by students. Also, all the startups from the incubation centers will get a 25 percent discount throughout the subscription plan.” says Agarwal.

They are also giving out a free plan to one of the best startup teams in each incubation center.

Also, LeoSquad has a referral system through which an individual can refer the service to a corporate house or any company and get a certain incentive.

Future plan 

LeoSquad is looking forward to designing version 2 of this platform. “With this, the target is to reach the market in Europe and US,” shares Agarwal.

Unlike the first version, which is in the beta version, version 2 will be customizable for all the plans.

The platform is open to raising investment in the future, “However, we need to meet a certain threshold to approach the investment,” says Agarwal.

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