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Kidney Transplant Centre Gaining Remarkable Success

The Shahid Dharma Bhakta National Transplant Centre (formerly known as Human Organ Transplant Centre) has successfully undertaken transplant of over 400 Kidneys.

The details:

  • The service of kidney transplant started from January 2013.
  • The service was made free since 2016.
  • The hospital has successfully transplanted kidneys on 404 Patients.

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What they are saying:

  • The Executive director of the Hospital, Dr. Pukar chandra Shrestha informed that due to the limited number of beds and building space patients are waiting on a long queue for their treatment.
  • Over 400 patients have been waiting for their turn and even more number have been waiting for dialysis service.
  • “The inflow of patients at the hospital has surged with the resumption of additional medical services such as Urology, gastro surgery, Cardio therapy and surgery and stone surgery besides kidney transplant”, said Prof. Dr. Rakesh Barma.

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