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Jeevee: A Complete Health App that Connects Doctors and Patients!

Did you know there’s a new agent in town? Technically, this agent is more code than human but it gets the job done pretty well. This agent specializes in making sure that you remain in excellent health at all times. This agent’s name is Jeevee and it is a web platform/a mobile app.

Jeevee launched a few days ago and it seems very promising. So, how exactly does this app benefit you? Well, let’s check it out.

First, Let’s See How It Works?

Jeevee is like a hospital but it’s online! As weird it may sound, that is how it works. There are basically three users: patients, doctors, and clinics. This app ties up all these users together through their portal and makes it easier for all of them.


First, registered clinics get a dashboard through which they can manage doctors, their appointments, and send the patient to doctors. On the other hand, the doctors get to see their schedule beforehand and plan accordingly.

They can access all the information like patients list, and patients history through the mobile app. Also, a doctor gets to accept and manage appointments that have been made by the patient/clinics. Then, the patients can book appointments, order medicine, get alerts about doctors, and access to their history without any paper trail.

What Services do the Patients Get?

At the very first glance, after opening their web portal or app, you are directed to the store. The store features different health products that you could choose and order from. There’s another section included called appointments. Through this section, you can schedule an appointment for the doctor according to your convenience. As of now, they have listed some doctors in there but I don’t know if they’re good or not.

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The feature that is probably the most interesting of all is prescriptions. Even though the section hasn’t been completed I think it could be quite useful. For it, you firstly need to sign in with an account. You can either sign in as a patient or a doctor. Then probably, when you visit the doctor, the doctor can share your prescriptions and you can order them as soon as you require them. Because of this, you may never have to stay in long queues to get your medicine. Additionally, through the app, you could either donate/request blood.

How does it work for Doctors/Clinics?

For health professionals and establishments, clinics can manage their administrative and doctor scheduling. Doctors can then access Personal Health Records (PHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) all in one place so they can make more informed diagnoses, suggest accurate treatment and save more time and more lives.

Thoughts on Jeevee

Well, personally I really liked the interface of the app and website. Everything is neatly arranged and it is easy to navigate throughout the app. The entire concept of a health app is mostly new even for me. So, even I can’t say more about the products. But after checking out the products and app entirely, I can at least vouch for this app.

In just over two months, Jeevee has 1000 + user downloads and 5000+ products on its online store. Jeevee offers up to 25% discount and has a doorstep delivery service. Currently, deliveries are only within the Kathmandu valley but the app will be expanding its features, offerings, and presence in the coming months.

So, the app is available on Google Play Store right now. Also, you can visit www.jeevee.com to use the web version.

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