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14 Interesting and Funny Reactions to ‘Pokémon Go’ in Nepali Social Media

Even though  Pokémon Go is not “officially” released in Nepal, many people have resorted to downloading apk files from external websites in order to play the game. People, mostly youths, have started visiting heritage sites more often than ever, but not due to religious reasons. “Pokestops,” which are places where you find items to help you in your journey, are located in cultural or holy places. So if you’re going by a temple and see lots of youths in groups glued to their screen, then don’t be surprised, they’re probably just trying to catch a Pikachu.

Social media has been going crazy over the past few days with countless posts and tweets about the new sensation in town which has captivated everyone. Here’s a selection of the best interesting and funny reactions I have collected for you. Give a look and Enjoy!

 1) Articuno in Mt.Everest 😀


2) One little nitpick everyone has about the game is that it absolutely drains your phone’s battery in a matter of hours.


3) Please, stay inside!


4) Even parents are getting in on the trend…

5) Making new friends has never been easier. 😀


6) To protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation, to denounce the evils …. You guys take it from here!


7) Gotta catch em all! ….when the Niantic servers aren’t down that is….


8) Promoting fitness!


9) Sounds like a wonderful idea. Get on it Ncell!


10) Good to know our future is in safe hands.


11) Great display of teamwork and dedication to be the very best.


12) The most accurate description ever!


13) Real talk!


14) Going a bit too far?



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