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InHeadline – Turning bulky News into 60 Words


We have a very special relationship with the news. With the help of news, we know about anything and everything happening around the world. Not very long ago, newspapers were one of the primary media to get access to news. But with the advancement in technology, the newspapers have transformed into news portals. Practically everything is online at this point.

Realizing the growing use of news portals and necessity of a news aggregator in Nepal, Ankur Agrawal teamed up with Brijesh Gupta in November 2015 for the development of InHeadline. The application was formally launched in August 2016. The group comprises of 19 individuals which incorporate writers, editors, content manager, application developers, and a relationship manager.

What is it?

The main idea behind the establishment of InHeadline is to personalize news reading experience by presenting the most relevant articles in 60 words. The news in the application is validated which is why it contains no rumors or opinions but only facts. The application includes local and global news. InHeadline saves time, clears the unorganized data, and provides only fact based information.

InHeadline also serves all the crunched news in 60 words in their website, www.inheadline.com.

Heroes Behind!

The actual heroes behind the initiation of such an amazing idea are Ankur Agrawal and Brijesh Gupta. 

Ankur is a graduate in Finance from Bentley University, Boston, USA. Post graduation he worked as an Analyst with Ameriprise Financial in the USA. In 2012, he joined SISL Info Tech Pvt. Ltd. in India as Business Development Executive. After gaining work experience, he moved to Nepal and founded Aakash Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Aakash Capital Pvt. Ltd.

Brijesh is a graduate in IT engineering and had started software development at a young age. He worked with different software companies in Nepal as a developer before starting his own company – E-Signature Pvt. Ltd.  Brijesh has been developing applications and software for clients around the world and is also the co-founder of Aakash Tech. Pvt Ltd.


  • Language toggling

InHeadline supports the feature of language toggle. It has enabled the users to choose between two different languages – English and Nepali – for the ease  of reading.

  • Categories

The information is categorized properly into different subjects like politics, sports, technology, business, startups , and so on. This has given the application a proper structure which saves time and effort of the user. The users can easily filter the category required by them and avoid any unwanted information.

  • Information in 60 words

News across different categories from around the world are carefully handpicked in accordance with readers’ interests. The team consists of seasoned editors who ensure the news is carefully summarized into 60 words which help the users get to the core of news without wasting their valuable time.

  • Online and Offline news

Not every one of us is associated with the web constantly. InHeadline always upgrades itself to give you the most recent news that is available offline too. This can be a plus point when the users are not connected to the internet but want to be updated with the news.

My Take

In my perspective, a lot of information on a single page might overwhelm the site visitors. Proper segregation of the news into different page sections based on the categories/content might be one of the many ways to address this issue. A question can possibly arise in every reader’s mind- “Can all the news be covered in just 60 words?” Well, some might be accurately covered whereas some might not. What can be a possible alternative from my point of view is to provide a link to the detailed news. Overall, this is a good initiative in Nepal which is remarkable, yet has many rooms for improvement which shall, sure enough, be addressed in the near future.

TechLekh Take

The ground idea of InHeadline app is to crunch news stories in 60 words or less without losing the essence of the news. The app is primarily targeted to the busy readers who desire to spend their time not running through the lengthy articles on different news media. Though the idea of the app might seem really innovative, interesting and first-hand, the fact is, it’s not. An app named “Inshorts” already exists in Google Play Store which was built on the same idea a long time ago. The interface of both the apps is quite similar considering a few modifications in the InHeadline app. Even the summarized news words count, i.e. 60, is not different.

On the whole, the idea of InHeadline app is not unique at all; it has been borrowed from Inshorts. Inshorts is already a big hit, the stats of the app in the play store clearly speaks to its huge success. The core idea on which the InHeadline app is based has already been validated by Inshorts which makes us to say that InHeadline app has a good scope to shine in the Nepali app market. However, if the app developers are looking to buzz the international market, they need to outfit their hugely successful competitors like Inshorts by adding few unique and useful features in the app that the users can adore and brag about.

Download InHeadlines from PlayStore.

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