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iMars Vega X7 Review: Is It Worth The Money?

We have almost all of the popular smartphone brands in Nepal. There’s Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and many others. But there are other small brands that no-one really knows about. One of such brands is iMars. So in this video I will giving you my views on on of the iMars expensive offerings, the iMars Vega X7.

iMars Vega X7 Review

Looking at this phone for the very first time, I was very impressed. The glass like back looks beautiful and this blue color makes it look more pleasant. Everyone would definitely mistake it for a expensive phone than it is, if you just take a look at it.

Well, moving on and talking about the build quality. This phone feels well built. It feels heavy, has that premium feel in the hands but it does have big bezels though. There’s hefty amount of bezels on top and the bottom and it feels kinda weird, because we have gotten so used to seeing a notch, these past design just feels weird these days.

The glass like back has a dual camera on the back and a fingerprint sensor right below the camera module. On the front we have led notification, and a front camera with a dedicated flash as well.

Moving on, the buttons are on the right side. The power button is just where it should be, the thumb rests naturally on the power button right below the volume buttons. Talking about buttons, they are clicky and feel solid.

Interestingly, on the bottom we have a usb type C. This is a old model, but still it has a type c and at this price even some new phones from popular brands do not have this feature. So thumbs up to imars for the Type C. Right beside the usb type C we have a single bottom firing speaker and on the top we have a hybrid sim card slot.

On overall, the design is impressive, I do like how this phone looks and how it feels. There’s this premium feel about it when you are holding it on your hands. So, iMars Vega X7 certainly nails the design and build, well reduced bezels would have made this thing even sweeter.


So this thing has a 6 inches HD display with screen resolution of 720 x 1344 pixels. But the display looks sharp and crisp. You cannot really find the difference between this screen and other FHD screen if you put it side by side. The only way you’ll realize that it’s a HD screen is when you can only play YouTube videos at HD res.

Talking about YouTube, I had no issues while watching Youtube videos on this display. It’s plenty bright, the colors are average and you will enjoy watching videos on this display.

On outdoors, it did decent. I was able to use the phone under sunlight quite easily.

Specs and performance

Now talking about sweet things, the specs on this thing does not look sweet though. It is powered by a MediaTek MTK 6757 chipset with 2.5GHz octa core CPU and a Mali t880 MP2 GPU. This chipset was first introduced in 2016. It is based on 16nm process and this processor is used on phones like Samsung Galaxy J7 Max, Sony Xperia XA1, UMIDIGI Z1 and some others.

This thing would have been a upper midrange thing when it was introduced but now it should be somewhere around entry level mid range chipset and while I was not expecting a top notch performance it did quite well with normal usage. Opening apps, switching between multiple apps was not a problem. It was quite fluid, I didn’t feel any lags or such while using apps like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube as well but obviously it was not the most fluid experience I’ve had.

Now onto gaming, this device was able to play altos odyssey but I did stumble upon a rare skipped frames once. Onto asphalt 9, the game was playable on default settings; the performance was what you would expect from a budget phone. In addition, if you’re wondering if it can play PUBG mobile, then yes it can run PUBG mobile at low settings, it will run choppy and yeah, it will be a hard chicken dinner. And also the device will heat up while playing games, I did feel quite a bit of heat in this part of the phone, right beside the rear camera, but there was no heat on other part of the phone.

Now we’ll talk about the camera. On the rear it has a 13MP main sensor and a depth sensor as well. And on the front it has a 13MP single sensor.

Talking about the quality of images from the rear sensor. I would say, It is pretty average for a phone that costs 20,999. Most of the times you would get good images, with good detail, balanced color, and nice dynamic range but sometimes it overexposes the pictures completely and has hard time with autofocus. You could get a blur shot even under good lighting if you are capturing the subject up-close.

Under low light as you would expect from a budget phone, the pictures are dark and too noisy. And I doubt if I would want to use these pictures for my Instagram.

Now let’s talk about the selfie camera, I was expecting the 13 mp sensor to give me some detailed selfie but It did not meet my expectation. The details are low; you could almost say that the face turn out slightly blurry. Just look at these samples and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Software & Battery

On to the software side of things, its 2019 and this thing is still running android Nougat and on top uses a custom skin named blackview. It’s a iOS like interface, personally I don’t prefer these kind of interfaces that does not have a app drawer.

The icons are all colorful and flashy. Swipe down on home screen and you get a simple transparent notification drawer, which has colorful notification toggle. They have used green, blue, red and simple out It does not look uniform and also looks weird.

If you swipe right from the home screen you’ll get this dashboard similar to the Google board, just gives you random trending news and some quick links to your favorite apps.

On to security, the fingerprint sensor works well, it is fast and consistent. There’s face unlock as well which works well under good lighting condition.

So the Vega X7 is powered by a 3500 mAh battery, which will last you a day on average usage. It is nothing extraordinary but the battery is good given its price tag.


So, the Vega X7 goes for 20,999 and what I liked about the phone is its build quality, its design and its battery. The camera is not consistent and they should have just used the stock Android as they did on one of their smartphone named Vivi 8. It would have been much better.

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