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Huawei is Back on the SD Card Association Members List

Following the US executive order that prompted Google to suspend business with Huawei, Huawei has seen a domino effect of companies cutting their ties with it. Microsoft quietly un-listed Huawei’s devices from its online store. Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, and other chip manufacturers declined to sell components to Huawei. And we also heard the news that Huawei was removed from the SD Association, a non-profit organization that controls the standards of memory devices.

It turns out that Huawei has been reinstated into the association and has been given its membership back. Why this happened isn’t exactly known.

SD association controls the standards for devices like micro SD and SD cards and also for the ports that the cards use. Being banned from this organization would have meant that Huawei couldn’t help craft the standards. This wasn’t much of a blow to Huawei because it had been moving to a different proprietary storage format called nano-memory. This is the expandable storage option in its flagship devices instead of the micro SD card.

But the ban did add to Huawei’s woes. Huawei has also been re-instated in the Wi-fi Alliance JEDEC members list. JEDEC is an organization that sets semiconductor standards.

Though these ‘pardons’ may not be enough to assuage the pains of the ailing Huawei, they show signs of hope of a possible reconciliation between the US and the company. There are still many stories remaining to be unfolded in this Saga of country vs the company. I think the ending will be like that of Game of Thrones. Bittersweet for both sides.


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