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Hour of Code III – Android app development workshop for girls conducted successfully by WiSTEM

The third chapter of Hour of Code workshop was conducted successfully on last weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at Kings College, Kathmandu. The event was organized by Women in STEM (WiSTEM).

WiSTEM is an organization that has been working to encourage and motivate young girls to build their future in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management). The organization has been conducting several technology events and workshops to inspire women to excel in technological careers. Among many of their programs, Hour of Code is a coding and mentoring workshop which is being conducted to endue anybody who wants to enter in the field of computer science by introducing and teaching them with the basics of available computer and coding tools and techniques.

Participant of Hour of Code III with Ms. Divyata Vaidya, Miss Nepal Earth 2015

Hour of Code III

Hour of Code III workshop was targeted for the girls interested to begin their career in mobile app development. The workshop was focused on how one can develop an Android application using JSON. More than 25 girls from several colleges took part in the workshop. The workshop was facilitated by a team from SmartMobe Solutions, one of the reputed IT Company in Nepal who were involved in training the participants about Android application development from the very beginning or say scratch. The team facilitated the participants by providing them the clear and concise information about step-by-step process on how an Android app can be built along with the architecture and working methodology of  Android apps and the technologies involved in the development process. They even eased the participants by answering the individual queries and reaching out at their desk to solve the problems. Mr. Punit Jajodia, Cofounder at Parewa Labs also mentored the participants by providing them adequate knowledge of data storage and data manipulation using JSON. He also demonstrated how it can be used as the REST API while building an Android application.

Mentor from SmartMobe helping participants
Mr. Punit Jajodia helping participants

The two day program was also accommodated by female speakers to encourage the participants to endure their path in the field of technology. Mrs. Ranjana Dangol, Cofounder at Intern Apply, Ms. Divyata Vaidya, Miss Nepal Earth 2015, Mrs. Roja Kiran Basukala, Assistant Director of Engineering section (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) and Ms. Amuda Mishra gave their inspiring and motivating speech on the program.

Ms. Binita Shrestha, CEO and Cofounder, WiSTEM
Ms. Binita Shrestha, CEO and Cofounder, WiSTEM

During the program, Ms. Binita Shrestha, CEO and Cofounder at WiSTEM said, “The problem that we have not just seen in Nepal but, across the world is that STEM field has only 26 percent of women from all over the world and in case of Nepal its only 12 percent. This is a serious issue and the major reason that drives us to come up with initiatives like Hour of Code. We are really hopeful that our initiatives will go really far.”


Ms. Pratikshya Pandey, Cofounder, WiSTEM
Ms. Pratikshya Pandey, Cofounder, WiSTEM


Ms. Pratikshya Pandey, Cofounder at WiSTEM said, “We have also been working on a project for providing STEM education to kids. We have been making this project for the girls of age in between of 8 to 15 yrs. In this project we have been trying to get rid of the stereotype build among the girls that technological is only for boys. So, we have made a course curriculum based on different aspects of STEM that includes coding, design thinking and electronics. This course will enable girls to get a better understating of STEM. Also, we are planning to organize our next session based on this course within 15 days.”


My takeaway

I must admit that the organizers managed this program very well. It was not among those programs that makes me think, “Well, this is not cool! It’s a waste of time.” The mentors of the program were able to hold the attention of every participants all time by sharing them their knowledge in more understandable and meaningful way. There is no point where I can say that the event was not up to the mark. The program was great. The program seemed perfect from every angle and perspective. Only the internet issue was quite infuriating at the beginning. However, the team somehow quickly managed a way to overcome this issue.

To me, the key takeaway from this program was, if you have no hint or if you are totally confused to start learning something new at your own then, don’t worry much as there are well thought-out organizations like WiSTEM that have been working to help you to learn what you want in the easiest and the most desirable form.

To know more about the WiSTEM you can pay a visit to their website

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