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Harilo has stopped taking orders!

Harilo.com, a widely used site by Nepalese in order to buy goods from U.S. retailers from Nepal, has now stopped taking orders. The formal notice is published on their site stating that they are currently not taking any orders. The customers who have already placed orders, will either have their orders fulfilled or will get a refund.

Update: August, 2017. It’s been a year since this post and the services have still not resumed. So, by the looks of it, Harilo has definitely closed down. Instead, there’s a new service in town — YalaMart.


For those who don’t know much about Harilo, it is an eCommerce website which allows individuals living in Nepal to choose merchandises available in the US stores, and then arranges for those merchandises to be delivered to Nepal. Basically, they’re a reshipping company shipping goods from USA to Nepal, which would not have been possible directly.

Harilo also provides a briefing of recommended retail sites & wholesalers in US from which the clients can arrange products. The products requested by the clients are then shipped to Kathmandu (Harilo pays customs and V.A.T too). One of the biggest plus point of the site is that it takes care of each and every transaction without having the clients worry about anything.


Despite the fact that Harilo could build up itself as a bridge that associates Nepal to the world of Internet shopping, it has now quit taking requests. Is it safe to say that this means that the site is closing down? Or, are they attempting to improve their system? The sudden end has brought up questions like these among the people, yet these inquiries still stay unanswered.

In an attempt to answer these queries of the people, I, on behalf of TechLekh decided to talk to one of the members of Harilo, Mr. Stebin Bajracharya regarding the closure of their site. The reason behind them not taking orders currently is because of the retirement of their US shipper. The team is still trying to find a replacement which might take a few more days. Also, they have kept the orders on hold so that their customers need not face any sort of inconvenience. Hopefully, they will be resuming their service soon.


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