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Hamro Patro Gets A Makeover: 7 New Useful Features Added

Hamro Patro, the beloved app that caters to nearly every single need of a Nepali had a massive week from 6th March to 12th March. Their campaign “7 days, 7 features” brought 7 massive updates to Hamro Patro each day making it more enticing and useful by the day. Now that the campaign is over, we would like to let you know about the 7 different features of the Hamro Patro.

More languages

The first update to the app was made on 6th March. That update brought 3 new languages support in Hamro Patro. NepalBhasa, Bhojpuri, and Maithili languages were added to the app. Nepal Sambat calendar was also included for the customers who choose NepalBhasa as their language in the app. We have written more about this feature in our other article.

Better UI and Dark Mode

Hamro Patro got a facelift on 7th March. The UI looked whiter, the texts were more easy to read. Hamro Patro finally embraced the material design theme that Google had been promoting since the days of Android Lollipop. In the process, they also added Dark Mode. This Dark Mode looks so cool that it finally lets me enjoy using Hamro Patro. I have elaborated on this update in our other article. Don’t forget to check that out.

‘Smart’ Videos

Hamro Patro moved grouped its video suggestions into a new section called videos. Here, you can see the content tailored just for you. The videos can be about recent happenings in the country, new movie trailer, or the latest results of KBC Nepal.

Many of you, when you hear about this future, may say, “I can watch it from YouTube.” But Hamro Patro says that its feed is special because they have curated it according to your tastes and ensured that every content is of quality and spam-free. So, if you watch videos through Hamro Patro, you will get better content for yourself.


Adding notes inside the calendar was apparently the most demanded feature in HamroPatro. Finally, on 9th March, Hamro Patro team rolled out this feature to the masses. Now, whenever you are in the calendar, you can create a note by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen where the note option resides. Here, you can save birthday reminders or you can save your daily journal at the end of each day as a note in this app.

It’s up to you to decide how you’d want to use this feature.

News search capability and trending news

Looks like Hamro Patro didn’t have a news search functionality before. It worked like Google Feed or Facebook’s news feed where you just keep on scrolling and tap on the things you like. But now, you can search for news on a topic that by clicking the search button at the top right corner of the news section.

When you click the search button, you’ll also get the trending searches or topics below the search bar. Your search history will also be saved to give you faster access to the news that you like to hear about.

News personalization

Okay, this feature sort of ties together to the feature above. Previously, Hamro Patro used to present the same news to all its consumers. But now, they have added a personalization filter to the news section. There’s a section called ‘For You’ where you can select the types of news that you want to see along with the publications that you want to see your news from.

Notification History

I wrote on my previous article that I personally didn’t use Hamro Patro app because I just hated its constant barrage of notifications. Well, if you are someone like that and swipes those pesky banners every time they pop up in your notification tray, you can still see the important stuff that Hamro Patro sent your way by looking into your notification history.

With Notification history, Hamro Patro gives the users the ability to view the breaking news alerts that they missed when they were busy. Now, you won’t feel forced to read every article that Hamro Patro notifies you about at the very moment. Take care of your notifications when you are free.

Overall thoughts

This was a huge week for Hamro Patro. It went from an app that most people use to an app that I like to use this week. That’s real progress. Jokes aside, all these upgrades were some of the most sought after feature from Hamro Patro’s dedicated users. So, Hamro Patro has just become much more useful for those people. These updates prove how dedicated Hamro Patro team is to improve their product day in and day out. Well Done, Hamro Patro. Congratulations to all its users.

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