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Hamro Patro, Nepal’s Favorite Calendar App, Gets Better With New Updates

Hamro Patro was originally a calendar app that has now grown to include daily news and FM radio. You can even listen to Nepali audiobooks and music through this app. Not only that, there is an option to look at your horoscope; there’s an included Nepali dictionary and a section dedicated to vegetable prices in Nepal.

So, Hamro Patro is an app that is sure to be one of the apps in your parents’ phones. It also resides in some of our phones to help us remember Nepali dates or festivals. Hamro Patro has been helping people in Nepal augment their lives for quite some time now. Its popularity and usefulness is evident their massive downloads number (above 50lakhs).

I didn’t like to use it

But I have not been using HamroPatro even though I like the feature of the app mainly because of two things: one was the UI, and the other was unnecessary ads and notifications. Sadly, they haven’t fixed the second thing. The app subsist on ads and attention. They need those ads to keep the company running. So, I don’t think they will fix that any time soon unless Nepal sees a revolution in online payment system and a subscription model becomes viable in Nepal. But that is a topic for another day.

But now I do

What they have fixed is the UI. The UI looks much cleaner to my eyes than before now. The letters are less squiggly, the top portion of the home screen looks much cleaner. There’s also a new Dark theme available. Yes! This theme looks super stealthy and I love it.

I used to want to close the app every time I tried to use it before because of its looks. Now, thanks to the new UI+dark mode, I don’t feel that way anymore. Well done Hamro Patro; I think I won’t uninstall the app from my phone again. But I sure will disable all notifications completely.

Those are not the only ones

Other updates the company has brought are new languages! Now, you can choose Hamro Patro to be delivered in 3 new languages – Nepal Bhasa, Maithili, and Bhojpuri. You can see how the app will look with these languages in the images below. If you opt for Nepal Bhasa, you also get information about Nepal Sambat’s Tithi and Dates. These are some very useful additions.

You can choose to use these languages while first installing the Hamro Patro app or later switch to them from the hamburger menu at the top left corner of the app.

Expressing gratitude

Hamro Patro has thanked Mr. Anil Sthapit for helping the team with implementing Nepal Bhasa in the app. Similarly, they have thanked Mr. Kashindra Sharma and SK Devkota for helping the team with Maithili and Bhojpuri respectively.

Final Say and some additional info

These two updates – the languages and the UI – are a part of Hamro Patro’s “7 days, 7 features” plan. Hamro Patro is saying that starting from 6th March, they will be updating Hamro Patro with one new feature every day for the next 7 days. On 6th March, we got the update for the languages. On 7th March, we got the dark theme. I can’t wait to see what additional goodness they will include in the next few days in the Hamro Patro app.

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