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Google Launches “Love your Language” Campaign in Nepal

Google today has become much more than just a search engine for us. It has become our best online help for almost everything. As many of us know that Google allows us to translate text, images, speech or real –time video from one language to another. This feature of Google was first launched on April 28, 2006 and today supports 92 languages. Nepali was added to the list on December 2013.


Google Translate basically works on statistical machine translation, which basically means that it generates translations based on the patterns found on large amounts of text. Thus, in order to make the translation correct, it is necessary that there is a huge amount of database of the language. Since, Nepali is a newly added language, its translation is not that accurate yet. Thus, to encourage Nepali to help increase the quality of Google Nepali Translate, Google in collaboration with Language Technology Kendra, Nepal has launched a week long series of translate-a-thon named “Love your language”. The event kicked-off on 22nd September, 2015.

On the first day, the event was conducted in Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Kathmandu University, Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Sabdik Pvt. Ltd., Story Cycle and Volcussoft.

These translate-a-thons involves people to translate words, phrases from other languages to Nepali.

The aim of the event is to improve the quality of Nepali translation from other languages. In today’s time we cannot afford technology to be dependent on a specific language. Access to technology is equally important for everyone. Thus, it will be beneficial to those users who do not have a strong base for other languages such as English.

Everyone who is passionate about their language and wants to contribute to the event can follow the given link https://translate.google.com.np/community

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