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Google Chrome 64 Available in Beta with New Features

Google is prepping up for its browser update. With this update, Google Chrome (currently in version 63) will bring more features. These features will improve the overall browsing experience. Furthermore, the browser will come with extra security features to prevent pop-ups and redirects.

New Features in Google Chrome 64

According to sources, Chrome 64 will introduce parallel download. This will accelerate download speed for large files. Parallel download activates when downloads are active for longer than two seconds. Chrome will create three parallel jobs to speed up the download. However, there is no significant difference in the download for small file size.

Other features include sitewide audio mute, pop-up blocker, HDR video support, and split mode. The audio mute feature will mute audio for the entire site. Pop-up blocker will prevent popups, malicious redirects, and sites with malicious links from being opened. Users can enjoy HDR videos in Windows 10 with the HDR-compatible graphics card. Finally, the split view will improve overall multitasking.

Google Chrome 64 is now in beta. After few weeks of testing, it is expected to be officially released for public. You can download the latest Chrome Browers here.        

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