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Global Game Jam Nepal 2016 – World’s Largest Game Jam Event in Nepal

Global Game Jam is going to be held in Nepal. This the first time this event it being organized in Nepal. The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event taking place around the world at physical locations. It is a hackathon focused on game development all condensed into a 48 hour development cycle. The goal is to come together and make a video game based on the common theme which is revealed on the event day.

On a global scale, it is done mostly to innovate new ideas and also, for the fun of it. The competition and prizes are optional and depend on the organizers. The organizers here at Nepal are planning to make it a competition. To participate, one needs to sign up at a local site. Participants will go to the event individually, form teams and create a game over the weekend.

global game jam event

This event will be held by the joint effort of computer engineering students of Pulchowk Engineering College with collaboration with the official organizers. Mr. Anish Parajuli, one of the organizer of the Global Game Jam Nepal 2016, said “The preparation of the event is going as planned and official organizers have been helpful throughout the preparation process. We all want to make this a success.”

Apart from the development, another attraction of this event are the ‘Keynote Speakers’. This year Global Game Jam has announced Siobhan Reddy and Ramez Naam will be attending the event as Keynote Speakers.

Participants will also get to meet with new and like-minded people, share ideas, and collaborate with them. If you are crazy about programming or games, this is the event for you. This is the place where someone might build the next ‘Clash of Clan’ or revolutionize the gaming industry.

Event Date: January 29th to January 31st

For more information regarding the event, visit Global Game Jam Nepal. You can also join the Facebook group of the Global Game Jam [Nepal]

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