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Why Gaming Has Gone Mobile

With more people using mobile phones for media and entertainment, the logical next step has been for the gaming industry to move onto mobile as well.

vivo V20 Gaming
vivo V20 Gaming

With a ready market of 2 billion smartphone users, the gaming market had no choice but to move its offerings into this space. Below are the top three reasons mobile gaming is reaching dizzying heights and is expected to continue on this progressive path in the medium to long term.

It is a sector that will reach $100 billion this year in revenue, and it won’t only be the big players like Epic Games or Playrix Entertainment that will be reaping the benefits. There are a number of smaller, privately held mobile gaming studios that look set to make it big.

Free-to-Play Mobile Gaming

F2P mobile gaming has seen huge growth in both demand as well as the revenue that is being generated in this sector. There are predominantly two types of F2P games, one where advertising provides the revenue and the other known as premium games that are free to entry, but players will need to pay to upgrade and buy extras within the game. Games such as Animal Crossing and Candy Crush have taken the sector by storm and many others have sought to follow in their footsteps.

Marketers Are on Board in a Big Way

Marketers and advertisers have realized the benefit of in-app and in-game advertising. Big brands are now interested in this sector and this interest has seen the proliferation of major brands and products being sold through the mobile gaming arena. It has become a very sophisticated process, with advertisers being able to focus their approach based on the games that we play. It’s somewhat of a growth cycle in that as the medium becomes more popular for advertisers and marketing, new developers and creators are producing more  games options for mobile devices.

It’s Not Just for Diehard Gamers

Mobile gaming is for everyone. It’s not just die-hard gamers that play games on their phones and tablets, but it is an entertainment sector for all and as such holds allure for the garnering of a captive market by sellers and advertisers. Games range from casino and slot games at rubyfortune.com to adventure, fighting games and puzzles, all forms of gaming have come to fore to be able to capture as wide a market as possible. From housewives waiting to pick up kids at school to the busy engineers on their lunch breaks, everyone has time for a mobile game.

Mobile Games Provide for Social Interaction

With limits on physical social interaction having been in force for some time, the mobile smartphone has been the one of the only means of interaction between friends and family. Games that mix video chats with elements of gaming have become increasing popular and are chosen to provide human interaction with the gaming aspect merely providing the platform.

The recent pandemic saw a boom for video game makers and a large part of this boom was in the mobile games market. The reasons shared above are likely to continue to prove a growth point for mobile gaming and it is thus a sector to watch, for both games developers and marketers alike.

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