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Founded by Dr. Sameer Maskey, Fusemachines Aims to Cultivate Data Scientists in Nepal

Fusemachines Nepal, formerly known as Parakhi, is a tech company working on Artificial Intelligence platform that creates intelligent solutions for Sales and Customer Service industries. Additionally, it has the aim of cultivating high quality machine learning engineers and data scientists in Nepal. Based in Hattisar, Kathmandu, Fusemachines Nepal is a subcontractor tech company with its partner company, Fusemachines Inc., in New York.

Photo Credit: Fusemachines Nepal

Fusemachines Inc. started with Dr. Sameer Maskey and his vision of developing software engineers that could rival any engineers working in A.I. platform. He envisioned a company of Nepalese engineers that could built state-of-art tech solutions built on artificial intelligence and its sub-fields like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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As a first step to achieve his dream, he came to Nepal in 2011 and founded Parakhi by hiring some fresh but talented college graduates. Parakhi began by collecting data related to hotels and restaurants and integrating restaurant reviews around Kathmandu. That helped the young engineers play with the data as they later realized that they were developing into data scientists.

Dr. Sameer Maskey

Dr. Sammer Maskey, who is also an Adj. Asst. Professor at Columbia University, started training the fresh college graduates on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, based on training program developed by Maskey himself. Back in New York, Maskey founded Fusemachines Inc. in 2013. He was training his employees in Kathmandu while simultaneously developing business ideas and much needed contacts in New York. Mr. Maskey has more than 14 years of experience in NLP/Machine Learning. He also teaches a popular Data Science and Technology Entrepreneurship at Columbia University (Business School + Computer Science Department). He also used to teach Statistical Methods/Machine Learning for Speech and Natural Language Processing in the CS department.

Initially, the company developed 10-12 products based on the A.I. technology but none of them were ready to be marketed. Then the company developed an A.I. system for the Customer Service industry which found success as it was purchased by the government of New York. After a year, Maskey and the team decided to build more intelligent systems across other industries. They identified the Sales industry as the area where artificial intelligence could be hugely beneficial.

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In 2015, Fusemachines developed Sales Automation software that uses A.I to help business find the right and appropriate business contacts for them. The Sales Automation software is exclusively marketed in the US market, with companies like Enhatch, Justworks, Smartling, Socure, Better and many others as their clients. The company is now looking to expand their service beyond US as they are exploring their business in the European market.

Taking about the  vision of Fusemachines Nepal, the head of Content Department at Fusemachines Nepal, Rupak Shrestha, remarks that the company has a vision to be a resource centre for Artificial Intelligence technology in Nepal. He further added that Nepalese software engineers can compete with any engineers in the world and Fusemachines is here to prove that.

The company that started 5 years back with 4 people now has more than 100 people. This has truly been a remarkable achievement for the team at Fusemachines. We wish them all the best in all their future endeavors.

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