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10 Fresh Entry and Mid Level Tech Jobs in Nepal This Week: Jan 11 – 20

tech jobs nepal jan 12-20

Each week, we bring you a curated list of ten technology jobs from a good mix of companies in and around Kathmandu. This week we’re featuring entry-level jobs for freshers and mid-level jobs for those that are looking to switch their career.

The tech jobs on this list are ranked in no particular order.

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10 Fresh Entry and Mid Level Tech Jobs in Nepal 

#10. Software Engineer, PCS

Professional Computer Systems
Image Courtesy: pcs.com.np

Professional Computer Systems is a leading software company of Nepal working mostly in software development and ICT consulting since 1988.

They are looking for an entry-level software engineer who has experience with ASP.NET and C# programming.

#9. IT Officer and Designer, New Business Age

New Business Age Pvt. Ltd. (NBA) is Nepal’s business media group, publishing Aarthik Abhiyan daily in Nepali, a premium monthly magazine New Business Age in English and others.

They are looking for an IT Officer who has knowledge of WordPress, PHP, CMS, SEO, and designing. In case of the designer, they’re looking for someone who can produce new ideas, concept and has good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Freehand.

#8. Xamarin Developer, Qubex

Qubex Pvt. Ltd. is a startup developing products for Nepali community.

They are looking for an entry-level Xamarin developer who loves to create engaging mobile applications on Android and iOS using Xamarin.

#7. Quality Assurance Engineer & Digital Trader, Agile IT Solutions

Agile IT Solutions is an IT company of Nepal, that specializes in software development and internet marketing services.

They are looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer to develop and execute exploratory tests as well as automated tests in order to ensure product quality. They are also looking for Digital Trader who is comfortable with data, but able to understand the nuances and rationale of marketing.

#6. Quality Analyst, EB Pearls

EB Pearls, established in 2005, is a web design and development company.

They are looking for a Quality Analyst with an experience of at least 2 years and good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle, and Testing.

#5. Security Analytics Engineer & Technical Writer, LogPoint

Image Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/LogPointSIEM/

LogPoint is a global security analytics company founded in Denmark in 2008. LogPoint’s major product is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

They are looking for a security analytics engineer with expertise and experience in the security domain. They are also looking for a technical writer who can produce high-quality documentation.

#4. Front End Developer, EagleVisionIT

Eagle Vision IT is a development agency that operates on WordPress based designs, offering high-end solutions for web and mobile market.

They are looking for a Front End Developer who can create engaging, usable, and effective technical solutions.

#3. Sales Engineer, The Real PBX

The Real PBX provides cloud-hosted VOIP services for business and individual communications such as hosted PBX, Toll-free number, call center solutions and others.

They are looking for a sales engineer who can understand requirements of the clients and draft appropriate hosted solution for them.

#2. Laravel Developer, Mavorion Systems

Mavorion Systems is an IT Services and Software firm specializing in Online Applications, IP Networks, Data Center, Cloud Services, System Integration and Managed Services.

They are looking for a Laravel Developer who has experience programming in PHP along with frameworks such as Codeigniter or Laravel and has good command in Version Control Systems as well.

#1. IT Support, Aayulogic

Aayulogic provides software solutions including, but not limited to, web development, web designing, web/domain hosting, cms etc.

They are looking for an IT Support personnel who has knowledge of server, firewall, CISCO, Mikrotik networking, Linux, hardware, routing, and switching as well as is proficient in other computer skills (Email, Internet, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.)

We will come with such curated and handpicked tech jobs list every week. 

So, stay tuned and keep following TechLekh!

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