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Foodmandu Mobile App Gets an Upgrade – Order Foods with More Ease

Are you too tired to cook and too tired to go out to have some food? Your hunger won’t care for any of that. You need food. More specifically, you need food without any hassle at all.

For that, say hi to Foodmandu — an online food delivery application.

Foodmandu is the first and only company in Nepal that delivers foods from more than 130 different restaurants in Kathmandu to your doorstep. You can get anything from Indian food to high French cuisine by placing an order online or over the phone. Then just sit back, relax, and wait for your order to arrive.

Placing orders via Foodmandu is not only limited to their website; it is also possible via their user-friendly mobile app, which has over 5000 downloads and a 4.1 rating. The process is easy – you login, select a restaurant, place an order and select your location where the food needs to be delivered. The food is then delivered to your address with a cash on delivery policy.

Manohar Adhikari, CEO, Foodmandu
Manohar Adhikari, CEO, Foodmandu

This progressing company has now released a new version of their mobile app: Foodmandu 2.1.0. About this new version, the CEO of Foodmandu, Mr. Manohar Adhikari says,

“The new version of Foodmandu App encompasses lot more exciting features. It has improved UI/UX that makes the App visually pleasing and easy to use. It now consists of very useful search functionalities, feedback and rating system and lot more.”

There are several awesome features in the new app. The friendly user interface now implements swipe controls over the aged scroll only control. The categorization of the vendors on the basis of product type and cuisine such as Bakery, Organic Market, Italian restaurant, Indian Restaurant has made searching for food, even more, easier. On top of that, the new app flaunts the added benefit of search filters, meaning, you can now directly search using the restaurant name or using the name of your favorite food items.

Categorized list of vendors
NEW search filters





Another major update is the ability to choose multiple delivery addresses. On the previous version, only one delivery address was stored at a time in the app. Now the user can store multiple delivery addresses and select any of those addresses for the current order. The other thing to rejoice about is the implementation of notification features. So, now, all the users and system actions are notified using the built-in notification system. Also, according to the Foodmandu team, the checkout process is now easier than ever.

Download the new and improved Foodmandu mobile app: Android | iOS.

What do you think of the new features? Let us know by sharing your thoughts down in the comments below.

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