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Six Nepali Teams Selected as Finalist of Data-Driven Farming Prize

data drivenFeed the Future, a U.S. government global hunger and food security initiative, organized Data-Driven farming Prize which was initially launched in February 2017.

The competition is seeking for tools and approaches that source, analyze and translate data and information acquired to improve value from agricultural productivity.

Over 140 applications were submitted by various individuals, groups and organizations from across the world. The organizers have shortlisted more finalists than initially anticipated due to the high quality of the applications.

13 finalists were selected from various countries such as Nepal, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Israel by the judging panel on the basis of their solutions to improve on-the-ground decision making to foster Nepali agricultural productivity. All finalists will benefit from mentors as they develop and test their ideas.

Six Nepalese teams with various ideas and solutions made it as the finalists.

  1. R&D Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd. with Agri Nepal, a mobile app and SMS based service to address the challenges faced by farming communities in Nepal through digital innovation.
  2. Db2Map with agriculture intelligence system initiative to introduce online agriculture-platform and improve productivity.
  3. Gham Power Nepal with a project development platform to help rural farmers predict all the requirements such as crops, irrigation, soil etc.
  4. I.C.T. for Agri with Farmer Phone, a mobile app with overall market intelligence and connections.
  5. DreamWork Solution with a project to improve efficiency and productivity of agriculture in a scientific methodology.
  6. Intrepid Geoinformatics with a web portal to manage vegetable production for sustainable livelihood of farmers in Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Among the 13 finalists, two awardees will win $100,000 for the most feasible and inventive solutions and an additional two will be awarded $50,000 for solutions that display significant potential.

Edited by – Sushil Awale

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