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Fantech Valor MH86 Gaming Headset Review: A Decent Budget Gaming Headset


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Steel frame
  • Braided Nylon cable
  • Good mic


  • Sound quality is only average
  • Mic is not detachable
  • Build quality is not impressive

Fantech Valor MH86 is one of the latest gaming headsets to join Fantech’s MH series gaming headsets. It is a multi-platform gaming headset with an adjustable microphone.

Fantech Valor MH86 Price in Nepal
Fantech Valor MH86

Fantech Valor MH86 price in Nepal is Rs. 5,604. But, how good is it? I’ll let you know all about it in this review of the Fantech Valor MH86 gaming headset.

Fantech Valor MH86 Specifications

  • Body: Plastic cover, Metal frame 280g without cable
  • Driver: 50mm
  • Channel: Stereo 3.5mm Gaming Headset
  • Mic: Omni-directional
  • Cable: TRRS
  • Connector Type: Nylon braided cable
  • Remote: In-line remote control
  • Wire Length: 2m

Fantech Valor MH86 Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,604 | Buy Now From Daraz

Fantech Valor MH86 Review


The Valor MH86 from Fantech is an over-ear headset with a closed back. It comes in black color with blue trims. The headset has a matte finish and the overall quality feels decent.

Fantech Valor MH86 Price in Nepal
Fantech Valor MH86 Design

The outer plastic frame doesn’t feel premium but it’s fine for the price. It does have a metal frame for the adjustable headband though. While it is not foldable, the adjustable earcups make it easier to wear on a single ear.

Talking about its comfort, it does not feel too heavy on the ears and the earcup provides you pretty decent comfort. I played more than 2 hours of Dota 2 with this headset and my ears did not feel any sort of discomfort. As for the cable, the 2m long braided nylon cable feels pretty solid.

It uses a 3.5.mm TRRS jack and comes with an audio splitter in the box. The headset also has a remote control with a dedicated toggle for mic and volume control.

Sound Quality

Valor MH86 uses a 50mm audio driver and has a decent sound quality with surround sound support. Due to the closed-back nature, the isolation is very good which results in a bassy sound profile.

The bass is not as tight as I would have liked and the highs do not sound good as well. Sometimes. the low end totally overshadows the mids with a muddy bass. Also, its volume is way too high and you won’t be able to use it on the highest volume. So, I would recommend you to use it on 75% volume.

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Regarding the 5.1 surround sound, it does a decent pretty good of separating the sound. So, you should notice a difference while playing games with this headset compared to normal headphones.

Microphone Quality

The mic quality of this headset is actually good and more than just usable. Let’s say, I was not expecting a good mic quality but it certainly surpassed my expectation.

The clarity and mic sensitivity is quite good. While the voice quality is not crystal clear it is pretty good for the price. And your gaming peers will be hearing less of your mechanical keyboard and more of your voice. The rubberized mic can be adjusted at various angles but it would have been better if the mic was detachable.

Should You Buy It?

This is a decent gaming headset for the price of Rs. 5,604. The build quality is not going to impress you but it is quite comfortable.

Also, the mic quality is nice but the sound quality is bang average. However, the sound quality of gaming headphones is usually not that good. Considering all of the things, this can serve you as a temporary gaming headset while you amass a budget for a top-quality headset.

What do you think of the Fantech Valor MH86? Let us know in the comments!

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