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FACTS Infographics Competition 2018

FACTS Nepal is organizing FACTS Infographics Competition 2018.

The Details:

  • On the occasion of the 5th anniversary, FACTS Nepal, a free and private research company announced the launch of  “FACTS Infographics Competition 2018.”
  • The main objective of the competition is to promote and prepare digital infographics based on the appropriate facts and information. It will also encourage participants and viewers to think differently about facts and information.
  • The infographics for the competition should be submitted by the noon of 15th June 2018.

  • Only facts and information related to Nepal from reliable sources can be used in Infographics. The infographics can be on the topics: Infrastructure, Entrepreneurship & Education, Communication & IT, Banking & Finance and Tourism & Hospitality.
  • The winner for the competition will be announced by 23rd June 2018.
  • The top four participants with best infographics will be rewarded with Wacom Intuos CTH-480 (medium), Wacom Intuos CTH-480 (small), 1-year subscription of Business 360 magazine and Xiaomi Redmi s2 respectively.
  • You can send your infographics in PNG/JPEG format to infographics@factsnepal.com.

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