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Ministry of Home Affairs Introduces e-Pass Substructure for Essential Services

With COVID-19 cases escalating day by day, the government has yet again extended the ongoing lock-down. For the next 12 days, people are still to remain inside their homes in order to control the spread of the epidemic. While this extension may not be a major inconvenience for most, it is still a hindrance for those people who need to be outside on emergency errands.

For those people government had introduced the pass system; which required personnel to go to their respective district offices and request permits. However, there have been tons of requests for the permit which has crowded up lots of applicants in the district offices. In-order to tackle this congestion, the government has launched the e-Pass substructure yesterday.

As the name implies, it is a substructure built solely for requesting and granting pass/permit for those emergency errands that people may have. This technological adaptation reduces human contact for the most part and in turn minimizes the risk of COVID-19.

How does it work?

Well, the procedure mostly involves filling up a form with details encapsulating identity and the description of errands. Mind you that, not all applications will be accepted; only those that hold the utmost importance will be accepted.

In order to obtain the form, users initially require sending a message to 1112. This SMS will in-turn reply with a link redirecting you to https://epass.moha.gov.np/. The page requires you to fill in a couple of details including personal identity, the reason for the pass, duration, and vehicle number.

Website Screenshot @ https://epass.moha.gov.np/

Aside from that, you’re also asked to upload a document that strongly co-relates to the errand. Moreover, you also have the option to choose pass for either personal or vehicle-related errands. After that, you hit submit and wait.

If your application is accepted, you’ll receive a message with confirmation of a 6-digit code. The code will act as a permit for you to travel from one destination to another.

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Besides, the whole system is electronically connected. Accordingly, the police in-charge will confirm this message by coinciding with it in an application provided to them. The number when inserted reveals all details that you’ve filled in the form earlier.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed the District Administration Office to provide e-Pass only for the essential purpose. Thus, unless you absolutely have to be out on an errand, don’t bother filling up the form.

That’s all about the e-Pass for now. What do you think about this approach from the government? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

(For more details, please contact Ministry of Home Affairs.)

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