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EasyFiling Secures $300k in Pre-Seed Funding from Edvantage Ventures


  • EasyFiling Inc. raises $300K from Edvantage Ventures.
  • Established in 2023, the Nepal-based startup supports over 1000 customers using local talent.
  • The company aims to expand services globally to simplify legal and business document filing.

EasyFiling Inc., an online platform that simplifies filing legal and business documents, successfully closed a pre-seed funding round of USD 300K from Edvantage Ventures.

EasyFiling Secures $300k in Pre-Seed Funding from Edvantage Ventures
EasyFiling Secures $300k in Pre-Seed Funding from Edvantage Ventures

This milestone advances the startup’s mission to make the filing process easier and faster for users worldwide. The funds will be used to improve technology, expand services, and meet increasing demand.

With this capital, EasyFiling aims to change how individuals and businesses handle their filing needs, emphasizing innovation and customer satisfaction in the digital era.

EasyFiling plans to help entrepreneurs worldwide launch and grow their businesses by simplifying legal and business document filings. This move aims to establish EasyFiling as a major player in the international market and support entrepreneurial success globally.

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Edvantage Ventures is a US-based VC firm that invests in early-stage startups focusing on SaaS products. They have dozens of portfolios of startups with million-dollar annual revenue.

Nabin Adhikari, the CEO and founder of EasyFiling Inc. shared his vision of promoting equal distribution of opportunities worldwide. Established in January 2023, EasyFiling has made significant strides in supporting entrepreneurs globally, with over 1000 customers benefiting from their services.

Following a successful funding acquisition from investors in the USA after 18 months of operation, the company plans to enhance its products, expand service coverage, and onboard new team members to strengthen its operation further.

Adhikari highlighted that the startup was launched and established in Nepal, with operational teams based in the country handling development, sales, and marketing activities. Additionally, the company has team members in different countries.

He underscored the potential of Nepali and emphasized the potential of Nepali talent in developing competitive global products from Nepal that are capable of rivaling well-funded billion-dollar startups in Silicon Valley and attracting investment from the USA.

Adhikari proposed that with support from the Nepali government to empower the new generation of entrepreneurs, Nepal could shift its focus towards creating and selling global SaaS products worldwide, paving the way for job creation and economic growth within the country.

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