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DNA Test of Plants Found in Nepal Begins

DNA test

With an aim to preserve the endangered species in the long run, Nepal Academy Of Science and Technology (NAST) has begun the DNA test of plants from the flowers, leaves, and peels of plant, writes The Himalayan Times.

While different countries have already maintained the details of the plants along with their species in the record, DNA test of plants will help to maintain the detail of the same for Nepal.

The DNA test is to be performed on the basis of the genetic characteristics of the plants. It is the first time that species of plants will be undergoing the test as DNA test of only Humans were performed so far in the country.

“First the plants are tested in labs and their characters found in them are cross verified with the characters of the plants found in the record. Some characters could match with many others.”, said Dr. Ram Chandra Paudel, a scientist of NAST.

These tests are also expected to identify the smuggled plans and those collected unsystematically. Moreover, the motive of the test is to help in making policies for sustainable use of the plants. The plants with the highest number of similar characters can be categorized as the same botanical properties, as per Paudel. Till now, 22 kind of plants have been listed by the government as endangered.

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