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DJI’s Latest OSMO Action 4K Camera Launched in Nepal at Rs. 48,000

DJI is not an unknown brand. They are synonymous with drones and handheld stabilizers. They have been the best in those two categories for a long time. Now, DJI has delved into another industry: handheld action cameras.

DJI launched DJI OSMO Action 4K camera a few weeks ago on 17th May, and in no more time its here in Nepal. The DJI OSMO Action 4k camera price in Nepal is set Rs. 48,000. This camera is a direct competitor to GoPro’s Hero 7 Black. As handheld action cameras have been kinda GoPro’s thing for the past few years, people will be comparing the Osmo Action to the Hero 7 Black a lot. We will do the same here to see if the Oso Action 4K is worth buying or not.

At first glance, DJI OSMO Action looks similar to the Hero 7 Black. It is constructed in a similar way; there’s a big lens at one side (the camera), there’s a screen at the back and a small screen at the front. But in the videos that I saw of the Osmo Action 4K, the screen at the back on the Osmo is bigger even though both the Black and Action are nearly the same size.

Also, the OSMO Action has one feature that vloggers would die for: the front screen is actually a screen. What I mean is that that you can see what you are recording when you are vlogging in that little square at the front. You could only see the stats on Hero 7 Black’s front screen.

And even though I don’t want to dish on the Hero 7 Black, I find the design of OSMO Action more appealing.

Now, let’s get into what DJI Osmo offers inside. You can shoot up to 4K 60fps with DJI OSMO Action. They have a feature that they call Rocksteady which, from the footage that I have seen, makes a gimbal unnecessary. But you should note that this feature is similar to Hypersmooth that GoPro introduced with Hero 7 Black. Peter McKinnon did a comparison video between the stabilization of these two cameras and it turns out DJI has done a slightly better job.

DJI also gives you better details and better low light videos. The best part is, this device costs $350 in the US while the Hero 7 black retails for $399. In short, it seems like DJI has made a better action camera than the Hero 7 Black at a cheaper rate. But it has only been a week since the product launched, so I would wait at least another week or two to see if there are any issues that you should be worried about before buying the product.

However, the limited stock of these cameras available for preorder at Oliz store won’t wait for you that long. So if you were in the market for an action cam, you should probably grab one right now.

To buy the DJI OSMO Action camera, please click here.

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