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DishHome Brings Affordable 25 Mbps Internet Plan for Existing Customers

DishHome FiberNet, a relatively new ISP in Nepal, has announced a 25 Mbps FiberNet package at a very affordable rate.

dishhome 25 mbps internet
DishHome 25 Mbps Internet

Strangely, this comes after the introduction of CG NET that is providing a 120 Mbps internet package at just Rs. 999/month.

Also, this 25 Mbps package is for existing customers who are already subscribed to their Lifestyle HD TV package.

DishHome FiberNet 25 Mbps Internet Plan

DishHome is offering a free 10 Mbps internet if you subscribe to their Lifestyle HD TV package that costs Rs. 600 per month. And, if you add Rs. 233 on top of it, you can get 25 Mbps internet.

How to Subscribe?

First, you will need to subscribe to DishHome’s Lifestyle HD TV package. This TV package comes with 62 HD channels and 138 SD channels.

Initial install cost includes an installation fee of Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,999 for the Set-top box. Furthermore, you will need to pay Rs. 600/month as the subscription fee.

DishHome FiberNet Package
DishHome FiberNet Package

After that, you can subscribe to the 25 Mbps FiberNet plan by paying additional Rs. 233 per month. Do note that, you will need to pay a one-time charge for cable, router, and refundable deposit.

Package Price (1 Month) Price (12 Months)
DishHome Lifestyle HD TV Package + 10 Mbps Free Internet Rs. 600 Rs. 7200
DishHome Lifestyle HD TV + 25 Mbps FiberNet Package Rs. 600 + Rs. 233 Rs. 10000
Router Charge Rs. 1000 Rs. 500
Drop Wire Rs. 500 Free
Refundable Deposit Rs. 500 Rs. 500

DishHome FiberNet Coverage Area

DishHome FiberNet is available in most areas of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. Recently, they have also expanded their service to Thankot, Badbhhanjyang, and Godawari.

Except for these areas, it is also available in Hetauda, Itahari, and Inaruwa.

For more information visit the Facebook page of DishHome FiberNet.

What do you think of DishHome’s TV and 25 Mbps Internet Plan? Let us know in the comments!

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