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Dashain Tihar Offers on Bikes and Scooters; Bajaj, TVS, Honda & More

Festival season is upon us. The time for celebration with family and friends starts in just a few weeks. It is the opportunity to buy the things you’ve been postponing for quite a while. Maybe a new scooter, motorcycle, or even a car? Well, you’re in luck! Festival season, especially Dashain and Tihar, brings forth some of the most amazing offers to entice the consumer.

This year’s no different. As most two-wheelers and four-wheelers brands present their own unique offers. However, these offers may vary from lucrative discounts to unique schemes. However, it is up to the buyers’ preference to choose from them.

To make these offers more easily distinguishable, we’re compiling the list of every offer available right now on bikes and scooters and putting them on the same table. Without any further delay, let begin with our list.

Dashain Tihar Offers on Bikes and Scooters

Bajaj Dashain Offer – Pocket Full

On purchase of any Bajaj motorcycles, customers get a chance to win a pocket full of cash. According to their scheme, a weekly lucky draw will be held. The winner of the lucky draw will be given a unique opportunity to put as many cash coupons in their pocket under a certain time limit. After the time limit, the winner gets to go home with the cash equivalent of the coupons in their pocket. Furthermore, customers get a scratch card with each purchase that can provide cash discount up to Rs. 1,00,000.

TVS Dashain Tihar Offer – Road to 10 Crore

On purchase of any TVS motorcycles and scooters, customers get a sure shot cash discount of Rs. 7,000 for the 17,000 customers. However, only 10 lucky winners can win a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. Among the entire campaign, daily one lucky winner that will be chosen through a lucky draw will go home with Rs. 1,00,000. To participate in the lucky draw, customers must SMS their name and chassis number to 33001.

Suzuki Dashain Offer – Suzuki Sarara Pura Vayo Japan Jani Rahar

On purchase of Suzuki motorcycles and scooters, there will be guaranteed cash prizes for each customer. However, the amount of cash prize will be different for motorcycle and scooter. Customers buying the Suzuki motorcycle will get a sure shot prize of Rs. 8,000. Whereas, customers buying the Suzuki scooters will get a sure shot prize of Rs. 10,000. Furthermore, as the bumper prize—10 lucky winners will get a chance for a trip to Japan!

Yamaha Dashain Tihar Offer – Vijaya Yatra

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On purchase of any Yamaha motorcycles and scooters, customers can get a chance to win cash discount up to Rs. 1,00,000 (while the minimum discount is set for Rs. 7,000). Furthermore, Yamaha is set to provide a 20% down payment offer while financing Yamaha scooters. Among the many customers, only one lucky—and I mean LUCKY—winner gets to win a brand-new Yamaha R3 through a lucky draw.

Just to entice buyers to the magic of Yamaha, the company will be offering a surprise gift with every test ride of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters.

Honda – Dashain Offer

On the purchase of any Honda motorcycles and scooters, the customer will get a scratch card. With the scratch card, customers can get a chance to cash discount up to Rs. 1,00,000. The offer will also include 5 years of free servicing along with a 10% discount on the spare parts.

Aprilia and Vespa Offer – Euro Fest’ 75

On purchase of either a Vespa or Aprilia, customers can get sure shot benefits up to Rs. 33,000. Furthermore, this will also offer free accessories up to Rs. 23,000. And that still not the end of it! According to their more exclusive offers, two lucky winners will get Holiday Package to Europe, another two lucky winners will get a chance at 100% cash back, and finally, two other winners will get a chance to win a brand-new Aprilia SX and RX.  This mega offer starts from Bhadra 24 to Mangsir 7.

NIU – Why Wait for Dashain Bumper Offer

Surprisingly, NIU becomes the first electric scooter to jump on the “Festival Offer” bandwagon. On purchase of an NIU eScooter, customers get a chance for a sure shot cash prize of Rs. 25,000 and more. Customers will also get few accessories like JBL earphones. Among the many, only one lucky winner gets a chance to get a brand new NIU scooter.

CFMoto – Dashain Tihar Festive Offer

On purchase of CFMoto 250NK, customers can get a flat discount of Rs. 8000. The offer will also include perks like a free helmet, 10% discount on spare parts, and 2-years free servicing including the oil filter.

UM – UM Exchange Dhamaka

Exchange your old motorcycles and bring home the new UM motorcycles. On purchase on any UM motorcycles, customers will get a minimum of Rs. 8,000 discount. Plus, purchase any UM 300cc bike to win a sure-shot trip to Thailand. Furthermore, only one lucky winner will get an opportunity to win a scooter as a bumper prize.

Rieju Nepal – Dashain Offer

On purchase of any Rieju adventure motorcycles, get a sure-shot discount of Rs. 15,000. Furthermore, each customer will go home with a FREE Helmet and hand guard.

Scomadi Hanway Scomoto Nepal – Dashain 2075 Offer

Get yourself a new Scrambler 150, TL 125, and Scrambler 250 for an attractive price! Customers will also get attractive discounts for bookings. Scrambler 150 offers bookings discount up to Rs. 60,000 whereas TL 125 offers up to Rs. 50,000. Finally, get up to Rs. 15,000 offer discount on the Scrambler 250. The offer is targeted for Dashain 2075.

That’s the list of all the available offers on the two-wheeler from the different brands for this festive season. Few more offers are expected to pop up as we move closer to Dashain-Tihar. When that happens, we will be among the first to give to new updates. So, be sure to follow us!

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