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COVID-19 Outbreak: Daraz and Sastodeal Extend Their Support in the Hour of Need!

It’s been an entire week since the lock-own began and everyday seems like a war against time. Every day there’s a sudden passive fear lingering in our back of our mind that whispers: what about tomorrow? How long this lock-down is going to last? Are the goods I’ve stored enough? Especially the latter part has gotten all of us quite concerned. Because of this particular concern, most people are forced to leave their houses in search for the most basic goods.

It’s basic necessities, what’s everybody supposed to do if they’re backed into the corner? Well, there’s actually an alternative that’s sprung up quite recently. Daraz and Sastodeal, the two most popular online e-commerce platforms in Nepal, have received special permissions from the government to deliver basic necessities to people.

Food Essentials, Disposable Masks, Floor Cleaners, Sanitizers, Sanitary Pads, Common Medical Supplies, etc, these online platforms will deliver you the required items in this hour of need. Just before the lock-down, Sastodeal and Daraz had seen a spike in their online traffics. But right after the lock-down they were a silent for a little while. Now that they’ve gotten permission they’re back online and are reading the basic goods.

Daraz Collaborates with Big Mart to Bring D-Mart!

Daraz has even managed to collaborate with Big Mart and looks like they will be delivering together for this lock-down phase. Up until now, Daraz had been limited to selling digital goods such as Phones, Netflix subscriptions and Google play top-ups; which do not require physical delivery. As per the info that we’ve got, Daraz will be starting their services starting tomorrow.

With the permissions; and collaborations, Daraz will now be shipping goods to a specified location anywhere inside Ring-Road. The orders placed outside 2km from Ring-Road will also be liable for services but right now places outside Kathmandu valley will not be taken into consideration.

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Aside from that, Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have sent in critical supplies for Nepal to help us during this situation. A recent post from Daraz indicated the current supplies transferred in.

Just Check Out Sastodeal’s Homepage!

Sastodeal on the other hand have most of their information listed in their official website. Just head on over and they’re just opening up one section under “Home Essential Deliveries”. Follow that and you’ll be directed to a page that contains a list of all the essential items.As per an article from the Annapurna Express, Amun Thapa; the CEO of Sastodeal had mentioned, “The situation is going to be more difficult in the days ahead. At least two million people live in the capital, and we have to make sure they get their rations.”

And oh, there are a couple of things that you need to wary of before ordering from Sastodeal for now,

  • Cart Value should at least cross Rs 1000.
  • Deliveries will only be made for products categorized as essentials (sanitizers, rice, induction cooker, soap, shampoo etc.)
  • Pay online, Scan of Delivery available. Cash on delivery is available as well but less preferred.
  • Delivery Person will wear all safety gears and take all precautions. Remember to maintain distance during delivery.
  • Items will be delivered inside Kathmandu Valley only. Mostly inside Ring-Road and 2km outside Ring-Road. Regular delivery time is 1 – 3 days.

Aside from the above conditions, Sastodeal have compiled a list of all questions and their answers in the bottom of this page. So, do be sure to check that out.

Is It Safe?

So, the question that stands is; is it safe to trust these online platforms? Well, the platforms will be taking necessary precautions to complete the delivery safely. As per Sastodeal, all of their riders have been given proper training, sanitizers, masks, eye protections and gloves; (PPE) suit for delivery.

Daraz also mentioned that they had increased hygienic standards for our employees, sellers, and customers. Something to keep in mind, is that Cash-On-Delivery is the only point in this process that can jumble everything up. So, if possible, try to stick with online payments. That way you won’t be in contact at all; which in turn means that you won’t be in harm’s way.

Online shopping still doesn’t entirely make sense to a lot of people. And we understand that completely. But in this situation relying on online shopping is actually a better way to obtain goods safely while keeping ourselves completely safe.

So, for now learn to trust online shopping platforms and try giving them a chance instead of going to crowded places for basic goods.

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