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Connecting the Dots: Selecting the Right Intranet Providers

It can be daunting when choosing the right intranet providers for your business. There are many providers of intranet technology, some with more functionality than others.

When connecting the dots and selecting the right intranet provider, such as Simpplr, ensure it is feature-rich and meets all your intranet communications requirements.

How to Select the Right Intranet Solution

In today’s world, we communicate by sharing pictures, having conversations, and maybe blurbs and stories. These are some ways we develop relationships, but how do we form trusting relationships within our workplace?

One of the many strengths promised by full-featured intranet providers is the ability to create an environment where communication among employees happens on many levels. Effective communication leads to trust and robust collaboration between all concerned partners.

When selecting an intranet solution provider with robust internal communications like Simpplr, there are many questions that must be answered. These tips are intended for guidance in asking the right questions when choosing the right intranet solution for your company.

1. Verify credibility and reputation of potential vendor

One of the first steps in selecting the right intranet solution is to conduct background checks. Unfortunately, there are dishonest vendors in any market, so it is crucial to reach out to former clients of a vendor for their input when possible. Also, check out the company’s testimonial list, if available, to help determine if the potential vendor has the verified services you require.

2. Select an easy-to-use UI

Regardless of how powerful an intranet solution may be, corporate buy-in will always be a challenge if the user interface (UI) is too complex or hard to use. The goal is to have all employees become intranet technology users; if the UI is overly complicated, it will always be an obstacle. Conduct due diligence on potential solutions and receive acceptance feedback from team members before investing and implementing the solution.

3. Ensure the solution is mobile-friendly

With the current trend of remote employees, having a strong set of mobility features is imperative when evaluating intranet providers for a solution. Remote workers become more invested as a team players when they can easily and securely participate in video conferencing and collaborate interactively with other team members. When it is easy to participate remotely in a corporate team activity, team members will optimize the intranet solution’s productivity.

4. Check the integration capability of the potential solution

When selecting an intranet solution for a company, it is vital to know its integration capabilities. To maximize the efficiency of feature-rich intranet solutions like Simpplr, ensure and understand any integration limitations. The solution’s maximum value is achieved when it integrates easily with multiple legacy business processes. Automating workflow processes, eliminating dual data entry, and providing more precise communications can all result from robust intranet integrations.

5. Ensure the intranet solution employs the latest AI technology

Ensure a successful intranet solution utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for an optimized EX (Employee Experience). Platforms that incorporate AI power into their solutions improve employee productivity and optimize employee engagement. Personalized AI creates a closer relationship with team members by using advanced technology to serve search content within the correct context.

Advanced, intelligent searching is a huge advantage of AI-powered intranet platforms. When searching with AI, it conducts an intelligent search and can filter based on nearest-neighbor searches.


Changes in today’s society have altered how humans interact, and the current trend in remote worker mobility especially illustrates this. Fortunately, many new technological innovations, such as intranet communications, enable companies to proliferate in the current remote worker climate.
Research the intranet solutions that appear most promising for corporate communications mobility. Solutions incorporating the latest technology integrate easily into legacy business processes and have a friendly UI are typically worthy of in-depth investigations.

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