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Computer Officers in Government Offices Seek Entry into Civil Services

Computer officers in government offices are lobbying for entry into civil services so that they may get promotion through internal competition. They want such provision incorporated in the Federal Civil Service Act. Around 280 computer officers are seeking promotion through internal examination.

The Officers are saying that they would retire in their current position, if they are not allowed entry into civil services.

Computer operators in government offices fall under technical employees, who are appointed through an ordinary selection process without having to take any exam conducted by the Public Service Commission.

What they are saying:

  • Computer officer at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Hari Bhakta Mahatara said, “Computer operators, junior to us got the chance to enter civil services, but we have been denied the opportunity to get ahead in our career,” he said.
  • Many computer operators have already done so following the Supreme Court’s verdict. According to Mahatara, the Supreme Court had made their attempt to enter civil services possible.
  • “We were promoted to computer officer from commuter operator, but now we don’t have any prospects of growth,” Mahatara added.
  • On the other hand, high-level government officials are against the internal promotion of computer officers. A senior government official said, “If computer officers want to enter civil services, they should take the exam conducted by the Public Service Commission.”
  • General Secretary of Nepal Civil Servants Organization Mohan Ghimire said the state must address the problem of technicians working in government offices. “The problem has been created by the government, so it cannot escape from its obligation to solve the problems of its staffers,” he added.

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