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Code for Nepal Launches #WhoIsNepali Video and Photo Competition to Recognize Digital Skills in Nepal

Code for Nepal is a non-profit organization that has been working to increase digital literacy in Nepal. The organization was founded by Mia and Ravi, back in 2014. Both of them had traveled to Nepal in January that year to understand the landscape of Internet access and Open Data. On their travel, they realized people in rural areas and minorities rarely have access to the internet and digital training. So, they decided to come up with something that can help them to promote digital skills in Nepal. On World Bank’s Open Data Day hackathon on February 2014, they came up “Code for Nepal” which aimed to promote digital literacy in Nepal.

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To give continuity and promote their endeavors, Code for Nepal has recently announced about a video and photo competition titled, “Ko Nepali?” which translated to “Who is a Nepali?”. Code for Nepal is looking for short video entries or photos for this competition that can recognize digital skills in Nepal. The sole of aim of the competition is to promote ongoing constructive conversation about who is a Nepali, and strengthen a culture of civic debate.

Any Nepali, who is 14 years old and above can participate in this contest. Registration for the contest is free. If you win this contest, then the cash prize awaits you. The prize has been divided into two categories, one for the “video winners”, and next for the “photo winners”.

You can submit the photos or videos through the “Ko Nepali? Completion page. Submission for the contest opens from March 25, 2016 and ends on April 25, 2016. You have enough time to give your best.

Details of the application will be announced in late March via Code for Nepal website. So, better stay tuned to their site!

“The selection will be based on originality and clarity of the message,” says Roshan Ghimire, Partnership and Media Manager at Code for Nepal. He adds, “We won’t judge based solely on the quality of production, and we are encouraging amateur photographers and videographers to submit.”

Both the photographs and video makers have the chance to grab the prize and contribute to promote the digital skills in Nepal. If you are one of them, do participate!

To learn more about the content, please check out Code for Nepal “Ko Nepali?” competition page.

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