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Cleveland Cyclewerks Allegedly Closing Its Indian Operations

Cleveland Motorcycle is an American motorcycle brand in India… well, it was.

According to the reports, Cleveland Cyclewerks (CCW) has allegedly shut down its operations in India. Moreover, the news follows just after UM Motorcycle also announced its plans to halt its operations in India.

Furthermore, there has been continuous hints of Cleveland’s lack of interest in the Indian market. According to BikeAdvice.in, the company’s official website, as well as the social pages, have been inactive for a while.

Express Drive was first to break to news of Cleveland Cyclewerks’ demise. In the report, Cleveland India also closed down the doors for their dealerships as well as their Pune facility.

Cleveland Cyclewerks made its glorious debut in India in 2018. So, it is sad to see an emerging two-wheeler company lose hope.

What will happen to Cleveland Motorcycles in Nepal?

If you didn’t know, Cleveland Cyclewerks has also been launched in Nepal. Interestingly, you might even remember the launch of three amazing looking motorcycles at a somewhat decent price.However, some did feel that they didn’t offer much for the price. On top of that, Cleveland Nepal didn’t really do much to promote the brand. In conclusion, the brand name, especially in Nepal, has been lost to time.

So, how will this affect Cleveland Nepal customers?

Latest Bike Prices

Usually, the bikes are imported from India to keep the operation costs as low as possible. However, with everything that is happening right now, an import from India might not be possible.

More or less, it might result in Cleveland Bikes price in Nepal to increase. In the worst-case scenario, Cleveland will also close its doors in Nepal.

Note: These are just speculations at this point. So, take everything with a grain of salt. However, I’m sure we’ll know everything pretty soon.

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