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Chuwi Laptops and Tablets Now Available on Daraz Online Shopping

Chuwi is a consumer electronics manufacturing company based in Shenzen, China. It was established in 2004. It first manufactured devices like MP3 players but it now has dabbled its hand in products like laptops and tablets which are affordable, yet attractive. This company is launching its products in Nepal exclusively in Daraz for now.

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Chuwi Laptops and Tablets in Nepal

Chuwi Lapbook Air

The Lapbook Air is the most expensive device among the bunch, but it is still pretty cheap at Rs. 46,188. It has a quad-core Intel Apollo lake N350 processor inside (think of it as a 7th gen Intel Pentium processors) coupled with 8GB RAM and 128GB of eMMC storage. eMMC storage is faster than traditional hard-drive but slower than normal SSD. Other notable features of this machine are the backlit keyboard, 14.1-inch full HD screen, and a genuine Windows 10. This laptop is one of the best budget laptops in Nepal right now. It is one of the best-looking devices too.

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Chuwi Surbook Mini

The Surbook Mini looks like Microsoft Surface and gives you similar functionality on a budget. It only costs Rs. 36,556. For that money, you are getting a 10.8 inch full HD screen, same processor as the Lapbook Air, 4GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC storage. This hybrid also has 2 USB-C ports, a single USB 3.0 port, and a kickstand feature built in. If you want something portable, the Surbook Mini is definitely worth taking a look.

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Chuwi Tablets

The tablets are a great bargain too. They are built thin, light and have high res screens and don’t cost that much. The Hi9 Pro and the Hi9 are similar devices in terms of price. However, the Hi9 has more storage and RAM than the Hi9 pro while the Hi9 pro has a better camera. You need to consider which one is more important to you. If it were us we’d go with the Hi9.

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The Hi9 air is a larger 10-inch android tablet. If you want a bigger screen than the Hi9 and Hi9 pro, go with the Hi9 air. Also, check out our list of Samsung and Huawei’s tablets to see if they appeal to you before you make your decision.

Overall, we are quite impressed with Chuwi’s offering here. They are selling stylish, adequately powerful machines at a very affordable price. These laptops and tablets aren’t the most powerful and aren’t made for the most intensive tasks. But for people who want the right balance of power and portabilty, they are a good deal.

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