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50 Charging Stations to Be Built in Nepal within Next Year!

Almost a year back, we reported that Nepal Electric Association (NEA) wanted to set up the electric charging stations inside the Kathmandu valley. While NEA did somewhat remain true to their promise, it didn’t generate much of the expected hype.

Since the electric buses and electric cars are making their mark in the Nepali market, NEA has to be ready! Perhaps that’s why NEA wants to do something worth the hype.

Taking that into account, a plan is underway to set up 50 charging stations all around Nepal. That’s right! Initially announced back in September, there was a rough plan to install 50 charging stations for electric vehicles across all seven provinces! But then, some policies had to be ironed out. Finally, the project is underway! Plus, NEA plans to complete everything within the next year!

Photo Credit: The Kathmandu Post

Essentially, the charging stations will be set up in the major junctions, like the city points, inter-city routes, highways, etc. Among the 50 charging stations, 25 will be allocated within the valley whereas another 25 will be for the outside valley. Moreover, NEA is trying to setup stations on land free from rent.

Right now, NEA has announced a 45-day global tender for this very purpose. Moreover, South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation will fund the project along with financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Moreover, the successful bidder will conduct supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, operations up and maintenance of EV charging stations. Furthermore, they will have to complete the construction work within six months from the date the tender is awarded.


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