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CG Brings Cash Back Offer on Several of Its Home Entertainment & Refrigerator Products

I don’t know if these ads are a regular thing from CG but CG seems to be on fire. Just a few days ago, they posted an ad for their BiP app. To know more about what the hell BIP is and to learn how I felt using it, click this link. Then a day later, news arrived that CG has signed an agreement with Turkcell regarding 5G. And now, CG has slashed prices of several TVs and is giving away discounts on numerous other home appliances.

This offer will last from 18th Chaitra to an unspecified date. CG has said that the offer will expire after a short time. This is one of the many discounts that will surface as the new year approaches near.

In this offer, you’ll get up to 28% cashback on home entertainment and refrigerator products. You also get free installation service and sure shot prizes if you buy a product. You get up to 15% off on Chest Freezers, 16% off on Multimedia Speaker system, and 10% off on trolley speakers and soundbar. CG is giving you up to 10 years warranty on selected models of front loading washing machine and 5 years warranty on compressors of ACs that run on inverters.

Many TVs have been discounted too. You have discounts on a 4K smart TV, Smart TV, and TurboTVs. The TVs range from 65″ screen size to 20″ screen size and all have 3 years of warranty which CG claims is happening for the first tie in Nepal. There is a maximum discount of Rs. 22K. This discount is offered in the top-end 65″ model from CG. I personally think, the 49″ 4K TV that costs just 60K hits the sweet spot between price and luxury. But be sure to check the picture and sound quality when you go to buy these products.

There are several offers on refrigerators. The maximum discount is on a high-end double door refrigerator that used to cost Rs. 65,290. Now, this fridge costs just Rs. 55,990. There is a mini fridge that is now priced as low as Rs. 13,990.

This probably is a normal New-year’s discount but it looks massive because of CG’s advertisement. If you are looking for a TV or a fridge and want to support a Nepali product, you can give this a try.

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