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Ceramic Pro Nepal: Serious Ceramic Protection for Your Automobiles Now Officially in Nepal

You might have heard it or seen it somewhere. So, what’s Ceramic Pro? Ceramic Pro is the global leader in ceramic coatings based on nanotechnology. They offer a range of products each formulated for specific surfaces. Furthermore, the ceramic coatings are designed for automotive, marine, aviation, and industrial applications.

Likewise, the formulas are molecularly designed for surfaces such as paint, vinyl, polymers, glass and more. Now, this global brand has made its debut in Nepal! Mali Autocare located at Kalimati, Kathmandu is the first and official franchise store of Ceramic Pro in Nepal.

While Ceramic Pro’s description does seem like a textbook definition, there isn’t any easy way to explain it. Basically, Ceramic Pro coatings bonds to surfaces at a molecular level by filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. This makes their products ideal for critical applications across all industries. Additionally, no other product in the world performs quite like this.

Ceramic Pro is a growing global franchise available across 70 countries. Furthermore, it equipped with tools to protect your vehicle; two-wheeler or four-wheeler. These provide clear, nanoceramic coating that chemically bonds with the surface to create a rigid, super-structure of nano-glass. These are like shields against solvents, cis, alkalis, UV-rays, and harsh weather conditions.

Why Use Ceramic Pro?

I won’t go into detail. Since we, at the TechLekh, are planning to do a full “before-and-after” video on our personal two-wheeler. Plus, it is much easier to explain through a video than over a short article. But there are certain benefits that be must point out!

First, with the protective coating, the vehicle looks new all the time. That means it needs less time to maintain. Likewise, it can preserve the original factory paint through glossy, slick and self-cleaning. Plus, it also provides permanent protection (depending on the package). Again, there is so much to talk about in Ceramic Pro including the myths, benefits, questions, and more. But that’s going to be covered in a detailed article.

Just know that Ceramic Pro is now available in Nepal. If you were ever conscious about protecting your vehicle, Ceramic Pro is the one you are looking for. If you have heard of them, well, now you know. So, what does its availability in Nepal mean? Ceramic Pro gives you another coat of protection for your exposed cars, and now it’s accessible! Theoretically, you could just head out now and get your vehicle the new ceramic protection.

Here’s the list of packages along with its pricing. Ceramic Pro Nepal provides both Full Exterior Protection and Full Interior Protection along with its starting price.

Packages Starting Price Guarantee
Bronze Rs. 30000 6 months
Silver Rs. 40000 2 years
Gold Rs. 55000 4 years
Platinum Rs. 78000 6 years

Additional Care Packages:

  • Full Interior Protection: starts at Rs. 25,000
  • Full Wheel Protection: starts from Rs. 5,000 per wheel
  • Care for Windshields and Windows: starts from Rs. 15,000

Things to Note:

  • Please remember that the above packages do not include VAT
  • Please remember that above starting price may vary depending on your vehicle type and size
  • Contact Info: contact@ceramicpro.com or www.ceramicpro.com

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