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Brick Kiln Entrepreneurs Agree to Operate Based on Modern Technology

Brick kiln entrepreneurs in the South Asian region agreed to operate industries based on a modern and environment-friendly technology, reports Kathmandu Tribune.

Why it matters:

Brick kilns produce smoke filled with carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter such as black carbon which makes it a major contributor to the air pollution in South Asia.

The Details:

  • A two-day workshop was conducted to promote the ‘zigzag’ system in the operation of brick kilns jointly organized by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Federation of Nepal Brick Industries.
  • In ‘zigzag’ system, bricks are laid in a zig-zag manner while baking and single-man-coal-feeding system is applied when bricks are baked.
  • During the workshop, it was shared that, the use of the zigzag system in the brick production minimizes the carbon emissions thus reducing greenhouse gas effect. This environment-friendly technology will also lead to fuel efficiency and high productivity.
  • The workshop was attended by 25 brick kiln entrepreneurs from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. During the workshop, they agreed to work collectively to reduce brick kiln emissions.

What they are saying:

  • ICIMOD deputy director general Eklavya Sharma said the brick industries based traditional system has mainly had a direct impact on mountaineering sector as it has resulted in more carbon emissions.
  • Adding, “More carbon emissions means multiple impacts on public health and decrease in agricultural productivity.” He insisted on the need for collective efforts to cope with the situation.

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