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Google Chrome to Block Bad Ads From February 15

In early June, Google issued its plans to introduce the Ad-Block feature in Chrome. Ad publishers were provided with a warning before the feature goes live.

All advertisements are not affected, as Chrome will only block bad ads. “Bad ads” include ads that play audio, false pop-ups, flash or take up the entire page. In other words, the ads that people hate the most.

Block Bad ads google chrome

More About Better Ads Experience Program

The Coalition for Better Ads has launched Better Ads Experience Program. The program provides guidelines to display appropriate ads to consumers. Based on the framework, Better Ads Experience Program will include & maintain certified web publishers and companies. Their ads will not be filtered by the browser.

Google will begin implementing the feature from February 15, 2018. However, they know not everyone is willing to jump the boat. For those, a warning is issued when a publisher does not compile with the new standards. After 30 days, ads are automatically removed. Publishers can submit their blocked ads for review after it fixes the issues.

It is great to see Google improving our browsing experience. Furthermore, Chrome will include more features in coming days. It is yet to see how many ads are affected by this.   

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