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Bitsbeat Becomes Nepal’s First Tech Company to Receive Marketing DAO Grant

Bitsbeat, a tech startup based in Nepal, has successfully received Marketing DAO Grant. In the official blog post, Marketing DAO had announced 10 best projects to receive the esteemed grant. Competing against more than 100 other projects, Bitsbeat has successfully promoted Nepal’s ongoing transition into the digital age.

Marketing DAO organized the grant in efforts to promote the Ethereum brand.

Started in 2015, Ethereum is a global, blockchain-based, open-source platform for decentralized applications. In this type of platform, there is no centralized organization that controls Ethereum. Instead, a diverse global community of contributors maintains and improves the platform, also commonly known as the open-source concept.

Bitsbeat has been following this mantra for 4 years, working and advocating the use of Ethereum in application building. Moreover, the company has worked with more than 25 national and international companies to promote decentralized platforms.

Team @ Bitsbeat

A few Ethereum-based applications developed by Bitsbeat are XCELTRIP and BLOCKACTION.

Mr. Dinesh Lamsal, CEO of Bitsbeat said, “We are honored to receive the grant, with this we will promote Blockchain developers, technology in the global space. This is a huge acknowledgment for the Blockchain community of Nepal and we will make it bigger together.”

“There are very limited companies working on Ethereum in Nepal. However, we have been working in this field from the very beginning. So, we will utilize the grant to further promote Ethereum through various commercial or educational videos, training workshops, webinars, meetups among others.”, he adds.

Similarly, Mr. Sandeep Ranjit, Co-founder & Chief Blockchain Engineer adds, “Blockchain is on the verge of revolutionizing the future in so many sectors in many different ways. As a tech enthusiast, we are trying to adopt the essence in the various sectors. Plus, we encourage everyone to do the same”.

Talking about the Blockchain scene in Nepal, Mr. Lamsal says, “Blockchain has immense scope in different domains. So, the Nepal Tech community needs to get together to explore and implement.”

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