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Cynical Technology, A Kathmandu Based Cyber Security Startup Wins A Google Grant

Cyber Security has become a large area of concern since the very inception of the internet. The leakage of user’s data; as paranoid as it may seem is actually a major area of concern. The Foodmandu incident that took place a couple of days ago is the indication of why exactly we need cyber security.

While most companies have chosen to ignore this particular field, there is one particular company out there that’s managed to grab global attention. Cynical Technology has become the first ever company in Nepal to receive a Google Vulnerability Research Grant concerning cyber security.

So, we met with the founder of Cynical and asked him a couple of questions regarding their line of work and how they are using the grant.

Here’s a brief story on Cynical’s ongoing journey with Google.

Firstly, let’s learn more about Cynical Technology

Cynical Technology is a Kathmandu based cyber security startup that first came into being around 2 and a half years back. They’re a 12-member gang led by Mr. Naresh Lamgade who has been working in the field consulting, auditing, testing and solving matters concerning management in regards to cyber security.

cynical technology team
Cynical Technology Team

It’s a bit complicated but try to visualize it this way: Foodmandu just had its user’s data leaked into the internet. This happened because well their server wasn’t all that secure or maybe there was a loophole in their website. Cynical Technology work would be to test each and every loophole and help fix them indefinitely.

Basically, their major line of work is concerned with VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing). Since their inception, they’ve achieved the ICT Top 11 Startups of Nepal 2019 Award, and the Google Vulnerability Research Grant.

Besides, Cynical is soon coming up with their cyber security product, bugv, which is Nepal’s first Crowdsourced Cyber Security Platform. bugv was even selected for StartVille at Nullcon. Presently, they are working alongside eSewa, Social Security Funds, Merojob, various departments from Nepal Government and of course Google.

Now, what is the Google Vulnerability Research Grant All About?

The Google Vulnerability Research Grant is technically a project that’s assigned upfront to a particular group that’s contributed to the cyber security field in a way or the other.

As the name suggests, it is a grant that’s handed to people to conduct a research on a particular theme. You can read up more about the grant from here.

The Coalition Point

As per Cynical Technology, they are the only company in Nepal that have ever received this grant. They received this grant on account of their research on the cyber security field.

“It’s basically a project where you get paid upfront to perform various kind of security vulnerabilities testing on a particular Google Product. In a way, it’s like you’re working for Google itself; you just do the VAPT for them.” says Mr. Naresh Lamgade, Founder and CEO at Cynical Technology.

How it works for Cynical is: Google provides them the grant upfront. Since their line of work is cyber security, they’re asked to choose a particular Google product to evaluate. They work with the product they’re assigned and report in a certain time frame. After the product is completely evaluated the final result is sent for review.

The way cynical have managed to secure a Google Grant is truly aspiring. Their line of work may not be as much of a concern to most people, but it still plays a vital role in maintaining privacy. So, if you are interested in knowing more about them and their service, just follow them from here.

And, oh! Do mention your thoughts on cyber securities and Cynical altogether in the comments down below.

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