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Top 10 Best Sports Apps in 2024 (Android and iOS)

Are you a sports enthusiast who enjoys a multitude of sports and wants to be updated with the latest developments? We have compiled a list of the best sports app that you can use. Some of them require you to register an account but most of them provide free usage.

 Best Sports Apps
Best Sports Apps

What are sports apps?

Sports apps are those apps that collect data regarding all forms of sports worldwide and present it to you in the manner you want.

For any sports enthusiast, these apps are a godsend. Instead of having to search for every sport you follow, you’re provided with all the information you want in a single app. These apps provide scores, news, live matches, and more.

In 2022 alone, the overall income from sports apps was projected to reach $2.27 billion and it is projected to reach $3.71 billion by 2027. This has led to a large number of companies developing sports apps to compete in the market.

List of Top 10 Best Apps for Sports of 2024

While competition is good for the consumer, too many products can often cause confusion and make it difficult to choose one product. Well, fear not. Below is our list of the 10 best sports apps in 2024 that we have personally tried and feel are worthy of your time.

Of course, the order of this list is based on our opinions and experiences, and it might vary with yours. However, you can try any of the apps mentioned below and be satisfied with the results.

Best Sports Apps 2024

1. 365 Scores

Price: Free | Rating: 4.5 | Reviews: 1M | Downloads: 50M+

365Scores is our pick for the best sports app in 2024 that is available in the market right now. It provides information on multiple sports including football, basketball, volleyball, and more, so we really think this is the best app for sports scores.

best sports apps 365 scores
365 Scores

With over 50 million downloads, this is one of the most downloaded sports apps. It’s pretty popular and widely used around the world for a reaason. The app also keeps you engaged by providing quizzes about teams, players, etc you can take.

Why Use 365Scores?

  • Clean and easy-to-navigate UI.
  • Can Toggle Live Mode on and off for real-time game tracking.
  • Latest news and transfer rumors are available.
  • Users can favorite their teams, leagues, and players to receive notifications.

What’s Not Good About it?

  • Need premium version to remove Ads.

2. FlashScore

Price: Free | Rating: 4.7 | Reviews: 949K | Downloads: 10M+

FlashScore is another great sports app covering over 30 sports globally. It provides statistics, rankings, and more aside from scores.

flash score
Flash Score

The UI is clean and you can switch between sports to get specific news, and scores of that sport. The app doesn’t bombard you with lots of information regarding sports you’re not interested in.

Why Use FlashScore?

  • Easy navigation
  • Provides latest news and updates
  • Favorite competitions are pinned to the top of the feed.
  • Sports and news are categorized so that only relevant information is shown.
  • Displays game odds.

What’s Not Good About it?

  • Have to switch to a different sports category every time you want more information.

3. LiveScore

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3 | Reviews: 468K | Downloads: 50M+

LiveScore is a simple app that provides information about popular sports. Just like FlashScore, you can switch between sports categories to view relevant information.

best sports apps live score

It’s one of the most popular sports apps with over 50 million downloads. It also provides Live commentary which is a feature many find very useful.

Why Use LiveScore?

  • You can favorite your teams and competitions.
  • Clean UI with sports switching to view relevant information.
  • Provides latest news and videos.
  • Live commentary is also available.

What’s Not Good About it?

  • Only has 5 sports including Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice hockey, and Cricket.
  • Have to switch sports categories to view more news and videos and switching is not intuitive.

4. SofaScore

Price: Free | Rating: 4.5 | Reviews: 810K | Downloads: 50M+

SofaScore sports app is a very comprehensive sports app that provides a multitude of sports and matches, scores, and news. The app comes with a live mode to keep you updated with the latest action.

sofa score
Sofa Score

This sports app supports lots of leagues from around the world and provides users to join group chats and view predictions made by other users. The app also provides you with a clock widget.

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Why Use SofaScore?

  • Lots of sports to choose from.
  • Sports are categorized.
  • Can toggle Live mode On/Off.
  • Users can favorite teams, leagues, and players.
  • Join Chat and view predictions.

What’s Not Good About It?

  • Need to log in to join chats and predictions.
  •  Requires premium to remove ads.

5. AiScore

Price: Free | Rating: 3.9 | Reviews: 78K | Downloads: 10M+

The dark horse on our list is AiScore. It’s not very popular right now but we think it has the potential to be one of the best apps for sports. The UI is very easy to use and navigate around. Everything is categorized, from scores to live matches.

best sports apps 2023 ai score

Sports are also categorized with quick toggles so switching between sports is easier as well.

Why Use AiScore?

  • Easy to navigate UI.
  • Various sports are available with quick toggles to switch.
  • Can favorite teams, leagues, and players.
  • Users can follow tipsters who predict games.

What’s Not Good About It?

  • Requires premium for an Ad-free experience.

6. CBS Sports

Price: Free | Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 165K | Downloads: 10M+

CBS Sports is one of the best apps for sports. It offers updates on scores and stats for various games.

cbs score
CBS Sports

The UI may feel a bit cluttered but the app provides a lot of features including insights and game odds to satisfy your gambling needs.

Why Use CBS Sports?

  • Clean UI
  • Latest news
  • Live Videos and highlights are also available.
  • Betting picks and analysis.
  • Podcasts and CBS Sports Radio.

What’s Bad About It?

  • The home Screen has no toggles for sports categories and shows all sports in one long list.

7. Bleacher Report

Price: Free | Rating: 4.5 | Reviews: 146K | Downloads: 10M+

Bleacher Report is an easily customizable popular sports app available from both Google Play and Apple Store. You have multiple sports and all of them are categorized with toggles so it’s easy to navigate the UI.

bleacher report
Bleacher Report

The app provides frequent updates and will help keep you up to date with the latest developments. We think this is the best app for sports news as it provides all relevant information in the home page itself.

Why Use Bleacher Report?

  • Quick navigation UI.
  • The home page has trending videos.
  • Latest articles and rumors.
  • Live Chats.
  • Live Scores with a quick toggle for sports selection.

What’s Bad About It?

  • Requires account for live chat.

8. Yahoo Sports

Price: Free | Rating: 4.7 | Reviews: 156K | Downloads: 10M+

Yahoo Sports is among one of the best apps for sports you can download for both iOS and Android. You can view live NBA and NFL games with the app. The app takes your location to provide you with relevant sports news in your area.

yahoo sports
Yahoo Sports

You can get coverage of multiple sporting events like cricket, golf, boxing, tennis, etc. You can also get details like stats, schedule, and roster of your favorite teams. The sportsbook also provides information about gambling.

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Why Use Yahoo Sports?

  • The UI is easy to navigate.
  • The interface is clean and not cluttered with information.
  • Features Sportsbook for betting information.
  • HomeScreen contains favorite teams and other relevant news.

What’s Bad About It?

  • No quick selection for multiple sports.
  • Weird Sports category which may cause confusion at first.

9. BBC Sports

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3 | Reviews: 40K | Downloads: 1M+

BBC Sports is another incredible addition to the best sports apps list. It provides news articles on different sports on the home page itself.

bbc sports
BBC Sports

BBC Sport also has one of the largest selections of Sports we have seen among the best sports apps. It is the best app for all sports.

Why Use BBC Sports?

  • Wide variety of sports available.
  • Latest news and articles.
  • Live scores with live audio.

What’s Bad About It?

  • Navigation is confusing.
  • Need to register to create a personal page and favorite teams.
  • Need to register to access live audio.

10. ESPN

Price: Free | Rating: 4.0 | Reviews: 919K | Downloads: 50M+

ESPN is very well-known as a sports cable channel. Among sports lovers, it has gathered a large amount of interest and they were able to release their mobile sports app.

best sports apps espn

It is currently the best sports app that provides sports streaming. However, it is not available everywhere and requires ESPN+ for live streaming.

Why Use ESPN?

  • Home page with top news and favorite teams.
  • Easy to navigate UI.
  • Toggle for other sports categories.
  • Live matches

What’s Bad About It?

  • Requires ESPN+ for more features.
  • Limited usage based on location.

Best Apps for Sports: Final Summary

So those were the best sports apps you can find on the play store and apple store. If you’re a sports enthusiast who wants to keep up with the latest news and developments in the world of multiple sports, download these apps and check which one you like.

Personally, we like 365 Scores, yes, our number one ranking for its simple user interface and easy-to-navigate UI. It delivers news and rumors pretty quickly and you can also favorite your teams, leagues, and players.

So, here is our roundup of the best sports apps in 2024:

  1. 365 Scores: Best sports scores app with the best overall usage
  2. LiveScore: Best live commentary sports app
  3. SofaScore: Best app for sports with chats and predictions
  4. ESPN: Best sports app for streaming games
  5. Bleacher Report: Best sports news app

Did we miss any sports apps that you’ve been using and feel should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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