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10 Best Design Trends for 2021

Graphic design trends of 2021 are pretty much defined by what’s going on in the world and how people’s preferences are formed due to it. Let’s have a look at what’s rocking design-wise and how best to implement it in your brand visual presentation.


Whilst this is not new, it still has new levels of its design purpose. Combining it together with a massive rise of augmented reality and virtual reality, 3D design gets to be occupying a central stage in developing a design campaign. The design shifts to a more lifelike perception, erasing the borders between digital and real. Any design plan will win from implementing it. Be it an intro for youtube(use youtube thumbnail template that helps you with that option), a big-time important presentation, or simply a blog post.

Cartoon illustrations

Cartoon illustration wins attention always. Of course, some people may not appreciate cartoons and design formats of that kind. However, the majority will still like and interact with the product or service represented via the means of cartoon character visuals.


Emojis are always a trend. The only thing that changes is the way you reveal them to the world in the context of marketing the product. These little lovely pictograms communicate emotions and send messages without words. Customize them following what you have to offer, stay on the message, but widen the frames of emojis visual appearance.


The nature-related theme creates a feeling of authentic call of reconnecting with green and wild. We might be spending time among the concrete and bricks. However, the grass, and the leaves, and the shade of tall trees will be calling to us. That call is hard to resist, the exact same way as the ad made with natural elements.

Optical illusion

This design is big-time addictive and rarely ignored when is in front of our eyes. Illusion is hard to resist. We keep looking at it as if hypnotized, trying to figure it out. This works well for the brain to develop an associative connection between liking the idea and the brand it presents.

Geometric 3D shapes

Geometry is also never out of the trend. Interactive voxel ( you might want to look up one) gains its momentum, since being highly utilized by advertising campaigns.

Metallic elements

Metallic elements design is elegant and quite posh. Among such elements, gold might be distinguished the most. Gold attracts attention since, oh, maybe golden fever. Little has changed. Our eyes keep being enticed by the color. Such design choices will make the brand recognized and chosen on top of others.

Fewer colors

When choosing the color palette for the upcoming design, consider implementing monochrome or duotone patterns. Of course, the choice must align with the campaign idea and communicate the identity of the brand. However, when the situation permits – less colorful is more engaging.

3D Typography

Eye-catching lettering in an unrealistic 3D shape format is a solution to transforming popular ( a bit tired though) designs into new and interesting visual attractions. It is creative, unusual and allows livening up the typography design we know.


Whatever design choices are made for your marketing campaign, make sure not to implement all the ideas at once. Stick to minimalism, choosing not to overload a visual picture with unnecessary elements. Maintain identity and focus on the message you are sending through a reasonable amount of ideas realized.


Graphic design and ways of its application are never stable. Trends are fast to change. At some points, it gets to be overwhelming of how to catch it all up. Therefore, stop stressing out. Feel free to experiment and play with what design options offer for your brand to impress.

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