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Bajaj Brings Dashain and Tihar Offer – Get a Chance to Win Up To 6 Lakhs

bajaj dashain tihar offer 2074As the festive season is in motion, automobile dealers in the country have started announcing their offers and schemes to allure customers and increase their sales.

Hansraj Hulaschand, the sole distributor of Bajaj bikes in Nepal has recently launched “Bajaj Cha Ni Shaan” campaign for Dashain and Tihar.

Bajaj Dashain Tihar Offer 2074

As per the company, this campaign will last until the end of Tihar. During the duration, the buyers of Bajaj bikes will a get chance to win instant cash ranging from Rs. 6,000 up to Rs. 6,00,000 by scratching a coupon card. In order to be eligible for this campaign, customers need to buy a bike from the authorized distributors of Bajaj bikes in Nepal.

“The name of the campaign suggests two different meanings; one being ‘six targets’ and another ‘having pride’. One who rides or owns a Bajaj bike will be proud this festive season on the purchase of Bajaj bikes,” reads the statement issued by the company.

Bajaj has been extensively marketing this campaign on social media sites and national daily newspapers. This suggests that company is aggressively looking to increase their sales. Besides, with this ongoing marketing, the company has definitely been able to elevate its brand and capture a lot of potential buyers towards it.

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